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Events / Conscription's final, good excuse for a get-together
« on: October 18, 2015, 09:28:59 pm »
Although I haven't been on the server for a while now, my conscription date is final - December 1st, and I thought it would be a nice thing to do if we had a get-together around a week or two before.

For me it would be almost 5 years with the people here - something I never would believe to be true and I really would like to say a nice goodbye to all of the community and summarize a beautiful time for me.

Is anyone interested for a mumble party/get-together?

Accepted - Mod Applications / Moderator Application - raul7legend
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:46:06 pm »
Age: 17

Location: Israel

Timezone: GMT +2

Join Date: December 2010

Were you recommended by anyone?: daniblue182 100penguin a1374thspartan 2crzy4uall

Why you should become a moderator: I've resigned because of stuff that has been cleared up quite quickly after I resigned. I've been a staff member (operator and moderator) ever since SMP opened and even before that in the classic server.

Offtopic / Futurama's Cancelled...
« on: April 23, 2013, 09:20:56 pm »
Comedy Central confirmed yesterday on April 23rd that they decided to not renew Futurama. Season 7B will be starting in June 19 and it will be the final episodes of Futurama.
I'm really sad that they haven't decided to renew the serious, I'm a huge fan of Futurama and I know a few people who are pretty huge fans of Futurama too. I really don't understand why they keep shows like South Park and cancel Futurama. I hope some other comedy broadcaster like Adult Swim will take the show but I'm not crossing my fingers. Oh well, we can at least wait patiently for the last part of the season... (/end sorrow rant)

Offtopic / RIP Neil Armstong
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:29:07 am »
Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, has passed away yesterday, on the 25th of August.
RIP Armstong.

Accepted - Project/HOF Applications / Falador - City Protection
« on: August 12, 2012, 07:58:53 pm »
Link to City Topic

City name: Falador

City location (coordinates, not biome, include world name): Member World, X = 300, Y = 64, Z = -1200

Contributors: raul7legend, ecorrigall, Redchecks, and Selkon_Hunter

Mayor(s): raul7legend, but if it's possible add ecorrigall and Redchecks as Zone Owners

Approximate dimensions: 220x440

Number of active residents: 3

Number of completed, decorated and furnished buildings: 4

What state is the project in, and what are your plans for its future, if any: Currently done the borders and the walls, the buildings have been started

Why should we grant this city protection? Because we are making real good progress on the project, protecting it will be really helpful.

Projects and Creations / City of Falador
« on: July 29, 2012, 11:05:09 pm »

Welcome to the Official Falador City thread!
Replica city built to scale from RuneScape

                    What is Falador?                                                         Current Progress?
Falador is a city from the very popular MMORPG                     The city is currently not completely finished,
called RuneScape. Inside the large city walls,                          here is a rough indication of how complete it
which provide protection from surroundings, are                     currently is...
houses, shops, banks, places of work and a                          
very grand castle surrounded by a moat which                                                                                
provides it with extra protection. The city itself                    
is very grand, and even holds a royal family with                    There are still a range of things that need to
kings, queens and knights all ruling, living and                       to be done in the city, the main significant
protecting the castle at the centre of the city                         thing is: Finish building the floor plan/layout
and surrounding land.                                                           of the buildings.

     (for more information about Falador in
               RuneScape, click here)

           Project Leaders and Citizens                                              A Reminder to Citizens
- Project Leaders own Falador. They say what is                   As a citizen you are reminded that the base
appropriate to the city, accept/reject citizens                      rules of Opticraft still apply and any other
and their word is final.                                                        rules that the Project Leaders put forward
- VIP Citizens are citizens which one or more of                    then also apply too. You are only permitted
the Project Leaders fully trust, they still abide                      to build in your own area/plot - if you
by the same rules and regualtions.                                      build anywhere else in/around the city
- Citizens are people who live in the city, they                     in which is not in yours, it will be considered
are expected to behave with maturity. They                        as griefing which is quite clearly, bannable.
have been accepted into the city through an                       To quickly access the city, type
application (see below)                                                      /home raul7legend which will teleport
                                                                                       you directly there. You can use this as an
Project Leaders:                                                               alternitive to an additional home by
  • raul7legend                                                             walking from the teleport location to your
  • redchecks                                                               home.
  • ecorrigall
VIP Citizens:                                                                     Remember, hardworking citizens will give the
  • Tobs74                                                                   Project Leaders a good impression of you
  • Selkon_Hunter                                                        which could *possibly* lead to rewards!
  • pew1998
  • techdude98
  • 00ultima00
  • a1374thspartan

                                                          Citizenship Application
To become a citizen of Falador, and earn the privilage to live and/or work in it you must post an application
as a reply to this post folowing the format that we provide to you. As a citizen you are able to earn a house
plot in an extension outside the city which can also be used to access the city itself. House plots are limited
for the time being, so working citizens will be offered a house placement first.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Copy, paste and fill in the "Citizenship Application Form" and post a reply if you would like to become a citizen
of Falador, the terms and conditions are below.

                                                  Falador Terms and Conditions
1. You agree that every modification and change you make in Falador is logged
    - Anything you place in Falador belongs to the Government (excluding private chests, furnaces etc.)
    - No building anywhere except your housing area/plot
    - Griefing/modification of the city/other citizens' plots will not be tolerated
2. You must be respectful and thoughtful to every other citizen
    - Trolling is not acceptable
    - Disrespectful behaviour can get your citizenship revoked
    - Bypassing protections/doors to homes will not be tolerated
3. If a citizen is inactive for long enough, Project Leaders have the power to pass the space on to someone else
    - The inactive citizen's citizenship will be revoked
    - All contents of chests in the apartment will be taken by the Government

Offtopic / Senior Staff with their Statues
« on: July 11, 2012, 04:34:08 pm »
Since the opening of the member world I started to take pictures of the Senior Staff with their respective statues.
So without further ado, here's the pictures!

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Xeadin Disclaimer: This is Xeadin's stunt double, Tobs74
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

dedlymagik (Nyssa)
(click to show/hide)

And last but not least,

cshurz (deject3d)
(click to show/hide)

I would like to thank all of the senior staff for their amazing contribution to the server. Keep it up! :)

Credit to arsenic_shark and Tobs74 for the statues

Suggestions / Change the local chat message
« on: June 30, 2012, 09:05:41 am »
When I got on when the chat message system got changed to the Hero Chat system I was in local chat and had no idea how to talk to anyone since I had no information telling me how to chat globally.
To fix this, I suggest to change the local chat message when no one hears you from - "No one hears you." to - "No one hear s you. Type /ch g to chat globally."
I know this is a small change, but it can help a lot of guests who don't understand why they can't talk to anyone.

Offtopic / Pink Floyd Wall Painting
« on: June 07, 2012, 11:55:56 am »
If anyone remembered my paintings back then knows that I'm a good painter :)
I haven't painted anything in a while, so I decided, together with my uncle, to paint a wall painting of "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd.
Original Picture -

Painting progress -
60% -
(That's my uncle by the way)

80% -

The finished painting! -

Offtopic / Slap your keyboard!
« on: May 06, 2012, 06:06:16 pm »
The title basically sums it up. Give your keyboard a good whack and type a sentence using those letters.

I hate bad video cards


Great tress jiggle lines

Offtopic / Username Topic
« on: April 24, 2012, 06:44:01 pm »
Every username has a story...
Raul - This Guy
7 - His kit number
Legend - I wanted Raul7 on BattleOn a while ago, but I found out it was taken, so I added "legend" to the username, and the rest is history...

So what's yours?

Offtopic / The Rubik's Cube Topic
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:44:07 pm »
I've recently got back into cube solving (I've been solving cubes for 1.5 years now :)) and I've been wondering if anyone here is also into cube solving like I am. I have a 3x3 and a 4x4. I use the 4LLL method, and at the moment I am learning full CFOP method. (Still working at it though)
My record solve on a 3x3 is 25.72 seconds, and my record solve on a 4x4 is 3 miniutes and 34.79 seconds.
Here's an example solve of mine, I solved it in 42.79 - http://youtu.be/kI8PRGLDOTc (Sorry that you can't hear me very well)
I use cubetimer for the scramble algorithms and to time my solves - www.cubetimer.com

If anyone is interested in learning on how to solve a rubiks cube, use badmephisto's method on how to solve a Rubik's Cube. The most popular method is the Dan Brown method, I do not think it's a good method and I don't think you should learn it.

Happy cubing!

Rejected / Moderator Application - raul7legend
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:46:15 pm »
Age: 15
Location: Israel
Timezone: GMT + 2 (At the moment +3)
Join Date: December 2010 (Classic + Website), I joined the SMP back when it was still Beta
Were you recommended by anyone?: arsenic_shark, but I'm pretty sure all of the ops and admins trust me (No Ego Intended)
Why you should become a moderator: I was a moderator, but due to inactivity I was demoted.

Offtopic / An Infographic on Minecraft
« on: March 19, 2012, 12:48:31 pm »
I was surfing the internet and then I stumbled on to this awesome thing.

Projects and Creations / Selling roman styled house.
« on: February 15, 2012, 09:40:05 pm »
Arsenic_shark and I are going to sell our roman styled house, based on Julius Cesar's own house.
The price for it without a protection block is $30,000, and with a protection block is $80,000

For more information contact me or to arsenic_shark (ouch_ouch).

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