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June 14, 2018, 07:28:20 pm by DeeKay | Views: 1084 | Comments: 6

Hello Opticrafters!

We wanted to give you all an update on the Opticraft Network and our plans moving forward. Make sure you have read our first announcement, as this is a follow up to that post.

Our beta phase initially released in November 2017 has been a huge success and we’d like to thank everyone who has played thus far and given their feedback.

With the Minecraft 1.13 update coming out relatively soon, we are excited to announce that we will be officially launching and advertising the network once 1.13 arrives and the servers have been updated and configured accordingly to support the hefty changes made.

Unfortunately there is no official release date for the 1.13 update, and therefore we have no specific date for our launch. We will be sure to keep you all updated when this information is available.

Below are a list of the major changes you can expect to see, as well as specific information regarding the Survival and Legacy servers.

What’s Coming?
  • We have introduced a rewards system which allows you to earn and redeem points on global cosmetic items such as disguises and particles, as well as server specific goodies like blocks, spawn eggs and homes. Reward points can currently be earned by ranking up on each server, as well as voting for the network on any of our supported vote sites. We plan on providing more ways to earn reward points later down the road.
  • Donations will start being accepted and only cosmetic items that don’t affect gameplay will be available as rewards. The cosmetic items are global rewards and once acquired can be used on any server linked to the network. They can also be obtained with reward points from the in-game reward store for those who are unable to donate.
  • Additional cross-server features and commands such as /friends, /mail, /list and /ignore, just to name a few.
  • An alpha version of PvP may be available for initial testing depending on the release date of 1.13. Players will be able to queue for a variety of combat based games.
  • Creating a protection field will allow you to use a radius mode instead of placing both corners if you so choose.
  • Server specific competitions and events.
  • Survival item trading.
  • Creative statistics.


Due to 1.13 significantly changing world generation and adding a variety of new items and blocks, we have decided that the current Survival world will be phased out, and will be replaced with a fresh Overworld, Nether, and End world.

We feel that you should be able to discover and enjoy the new features Minecraft will have to offer, and that this was the best plan moving forward for our future players.

Those who have played before our launch will be given a transition period of 2 weeks to move their valuables to the new world, as well as some reward points for additional compensation and for showing your amazing support.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause but hope you can understand why we made this decision.


After careful consideration, we will no longer be linking the Legacy server to the network as originally planned.

We feel that Legacy has already established its own identity and features over the years, and any attempts at unification would require us to change that formula significantly.

Legacy will remain unchanged and can still be accessed via the IP:
December 08, 2017, 02:46:44 am by TheWholeLoaf | Views: 3188 | Comments: 9

Opticraft Convention
Chicago Illinois - September 7-9 2018

Hello Opticrafters! We have noticed that there will be a Minecraft Community Event held by Minefaire in Chicago next year. A few members of our community have already expressed interest in going, and we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to hold the first Opticraft get together!

More information on ticket sales, other locations, etc can be found here:

These members have signed up:


Details -

This is presumed to be held at the Schaumburg Convention Center 30 minutes outside of downtown.

O'hare International Airport is your best option if you are flying in.

Where to stay:
We recommend these hotels so we can all be in a close radius around the Convention center, which is North West of where Interstate 90 and Interstate 290 intersect.

  ♦  Wyndham Garden Schaumburg Chicago Northwest
  ♦  Embassy Suites Chicago - Schaumburg - Woodfield
  ♦  Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel (This is where the event will be held)
  ♦  Residence Inn by Marriott
  ♦  SpringHill Suites by Marriott
  ♦  Hyatt Place Chicago/Schaumburg

If you're also wanting to check out Chicago, you can get a hotel in the city, however, Schaumburg is only 30 minutes out. The hotels within the city will most likely be more expensive as well.

Local transportation:
Lyft and uber will most likely be the most economic option and allows you to share rides to split the costs.

If money is an issue for you, you may consider buddying up with someone or a group to split a hotel room, however, please be aware that you haven't met most of the members of our community in person, so proceed with caution. This isn't like the server, and those of us who staff our community will not be responsible for you.

A brief itinerary
We plan to meet up as a group on Saturday the 8th around noon to check out this event.
This will be updated the closer we get, and is subject to change.
October 28, 2017, 10:24:25 pm by TheWholeLoaf | Views: 4434 | Comments: 16

Dear Opticraft,

We are excited to announce the release of our new Opticraft Network!

Along with a brand new Survival and Creative server, our main focus has been on cross-server access and communication, to further connect the servers and community together.
With the help of BungeeCord, we have been able to achieve this and so much more.

As a long time ambition and project for many of us, we hope you enjoy the new experience and make some new memories along the way.

The network is now open to everyone! Thank you for your patience. For more information on each server and the changes to expect, please see below.

Network Features
  • Connect to the network with a single IP address
  • Switch servers from anywhere on the network
  • Chat with friends and players across all servers
  • Navigate the networks features with the menu system
  • Modify network specific settings like show/hide player chat
  • Manage your profile and social pages - Coming Soon!
  • Add players to your friends list  - Coming Soon!
  • Earn reward points in numerous ways and spend them on perks - Coming Soon!

Opticraft Survival

To make things more challenging this time around, we wanted the new Survival server to have a greater focus on vanilla survival. That means things like the economy and market are gone.

An all new protection system has been developed and allows players to protect blocks however they want.
Every player automatically starts with 15625 blocks, or a 25x25x25 cuboid. Additional blocks can be earned through promotion and events and will also soon be available for purchase with reward points in the networks in-game rewards store.

Opticraft Creative

Creative now has a combination of open free build worlds and plot worlds. Every succeeding rank will have access to new free build and plot worlds, as well as 50% larger plot sizes.
The old personal worlds are still accessible to those who generously donated for them. Additional personal worlds will soon be available for purchase with reward points in the networks in-game rewards store.
Promotions will be done solely through the plot worlds, while the free build and personal worlds are more for practice and fun with your friends.

We've introduced a tiered-based ranking system which should help give each rank a greater sense of progression. Every build application will be evaluated by an Operator using our building standards.
The 3 building ranks, Recruit, Builder, and Crafter each have 3 tiers. The first tier of each rank has 1 plot available, and promotion to the next tier grants an addition plot to build on, in order to be promoted to the next tier.

Opticraft Legacy

If you're worried the original SMP server was going anywhere, fear not. No changes were made to the server, however, we decided to rename it to the Legacy server to avoid confusion between the new Survival server.

Legacy will not be linked to the network initially, but we plan to get the network features available for the server shortly after this release.
While we won’t be actively developing anything new for Legacy, it will still be maintained and kept up to date.

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