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October 28, 2017, 10:24:25 pm by TheWholeLoaf | Views: 34524 | Comments: 16

Dear Opticraft,

We are excited to announce the release of our new Opticraft Network!

Along with a brand new Survival and Creative server, our main focus has been on cross-server access and communication, to further connect the servers and community together.
With the help of BungeeCord, we have been able to achieve this and so much more.

As a long time ambition and project for many of us, we hope you enjoy the new experience and make some new memories along the way.

The network is now open to everyone! Thank you for your patience. For more information on each server and the changes to expect, please see below.

Network Features
  • Connect to the network with a single IP address
  • Switch servers from anywhere on the network
  • Chat with friends and players across all servers
  • Navigate the networks features with the menu system
  • Modify network specific settings like show/hide player chat
  • Manage your profile and social pages - Coming Soon!
  • Add players to your friends list  - Coming Soon!
  • Earn reward points in numerous ways and spend them on perks - Coming Soon!

Opticraft Survival

To make things more challenging this time around, we wanted the new Survival server to have a greater focus on vanilla survival. That means things like the economy and market are gone.

An all new protection system has been developed and allows players to protect blocks however they want.
Every player automatically starts with 15625 blocks, or a 25x25x25 cuboid. Additional blocks can be earned through promotion and events and will also soon be available for purchase with reward points in the networks in-game rewards store.

Opticraft Creative

Creative now has a combination of open free build worlds and plot worlds. Every succeeding rank will have access to new free build and plot worlds, as well as 50% larger plot sizes.
The old personal worlds are still accessible to those who generously donated for them. Additional personal worlds will soon be available for purchase with reward points in the networks in-game rewards store.
Promotions will be done solely through the plot worlds, while the free build and personal worlds are more for practice and fun with your friends.

We've introduced a tiered-based ranking system which should help give each rank a greater sense of progression. Every build application will be evaluated by an Operator using our building standards.
The 3 building ranks, Recruit, Builder, and Crafter each have 3 tiers. The first tier of each rank has 1 plot available, and promotion to the next tier grants an addition plot to build on, in order to be promoted to the next tier.

Opticraft Legacy

If you're worried the original SMP server was going anywhere, fear not. No changes were made to the server, however, we decided to rename it to the Legacy server to avoid confusion between the new Survival server.

Legacy will not be linked to the network initially, but we plan to get the network features available for the server shortly after this release.
While we won’t be actively developing anything new for Legacy, it will still be maintained and kept up to date.

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