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Author Topic: Crafter Application Template and Information  (Read 1408 times)

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Crafter Application Template and Information
« on: November 16, 2017, 04:37:25 am »
The Crafter rank is the next rank after the Builder ranks. These players have shown extraordinary building talent in the fields of structure, interior, and topography. They create some of the most impressive creations on Opticraft Creative. As they are among the best, this rank is not an easy one to achieve, but practice and patience will get you there. To achieve this, a player must show incredible building capabilities as well as dedication. This rank will be given by Admin+.

The creations in your application must be your own work, no team building or help from others.

Please copy and paste the template below into a new thread within this forum, filling out the blacks. Any posts that do not follow this template will be closed and ignored.

REMINDER: These builds must show incredible talent, use of space, structure, interior, and topography all working together.


Title: Crafter Application - Name
Join Date:
Briefly describe all your builds through the Builder Tiers:
Coordinates/plot number of each build:
Links to screenshots of your builds:
Do you agree to allow us to put your builds on our social media? Yes/No:
(Credit will be given to you, it just shows off your builds and our server)
Extra (Anything else you want to mention):

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