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100penguin - iceblaze123
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:35:22 pm »
Name: iceblaze123

Reason you were banned: "Insulting players, threatening behaviour."

Who banned you: iceblaze123

Why you should be unbanned:
     First of all I think there is a misunderstanding. On 1/15/17 I had an altercation with another player on the server. The dispute did not last long and was peacefully resolved by Alicia. Following the in game apprehension I ignored the other player and focused on finishing my project. The next day on 1/16/17 I found myself banned for insulting other players and threatening others. I know I was on my last warning and thus made sure always when I played to keep it cool and mature. What I did could be seen controversial depending on your stance but I feel as though it was not worthy as a ban; especially when it was resolved in game. In the heat of the moment I thought the other player was taking offense when I asked him a simple question which in turn offended me, especially since my background is African.
    In conclusion I feel as the ban was not appropriate given the situation. I am aware that I was on my last warning (when I was banned 4 years ago) however this was just a measly altercation which was quickly resolved peacefully on both sides. Opticraft is the only Minecraft server I now play and would hate to be forever ostracized from the fun it brings. The few active players can attest that I have been active the past few weeks and I am not a troll but instead a player. I ask the staff to carefully consider this appeal as it may sound familiar, but I really mean what I say. The server is entertaining and I feel as though a measly dispute is not appropriate to forever end one's fun on the server. If a temporary ban is needed for me to cool down, I can see the logic behind that, but a permanent ban from my perspective is outlandish.

Thank you to all staff

EDIT:  It has been five months since my last ban and here I am again. Penguin said I could try to provide a reason why I should be unbanned and here I go. Firstly I am not here to argue the ban since we cannot go back in time and change the events, but instead an unban would be the only option. I am fully aware of my previous bans over several years however I personally put that in the past as a great deal of events occurred by that time and now which impacted my life dearly. I did not think asking the nature of a fellow player would be racist, but instead be annoying to say the least. I found it annoying that he refused to respond since I was going to make a Star Wars joke (Lando Calrissian) and whenever I was on I shot him a message or two. This was not constant bombardment nor do I think inspired by racist motives which is why I don't think my ban should fall under racism. I think it is important to focus what punishment would've been necessary: (maybe a mute, several day ban) but because of the racist aspect I was permenantly banned and barred from any possibility of playing on the server again. If I have to further clarify feel free to ask what I mean but I think this sums up my thoughts. As stated before it has been over five months since the last ban and yet I am yearning to play Opticraft, especially during the summer season with my friends when nothing else is available to do. I hope you admins can here me out and I would be willing to work with staff to reach a fair conclusion. Thank you for your time



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Re: 100penguin - iceblaze123
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2017, 05:56:13 am »

You were banned permanently in this case as it was your final warning; however, as is the way with opticraft permanent never means permanent. Therefore, I was at the time willing to offer you a second chance provided that you gave a good reason for your pardon - I made it clear at the time that you would not be unbanned until such a reason had been provided, and thus it lasted 5 months. Thank you for writing a cordial appeal, and as a result I will unban you.

Your actions at the time were immature, however it is unnecessary to discuss them further at this time, as it was so long ago. Please be warned however that if you slip up again you will be banned permanently again with no chance of appeal (!). Happy gaming, and welcome back to the server.