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Author Topic: Moderator Application - adunc19  (Read 2210 times)

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Moderator Application - adunc19
« on: November 02, 2016, 07:48:40 am »
Before This Application Is Not Read, Scrapped Or Forgetten, Please Consider That There Are No Longer Any Staff I See On Opticraft SMP, I Also Understand Applications Are Closed However I Just Am Trying To Support The Community That Still Comes On Opticraft SMP Every Now-and-then.

I am currently 14 years old.

Queensland, Australia

EST - Eastern Standard Time

Join Date:

Were you recommended by anyone?:
I have not been recommended to be staff by another staff member at the time of this application

Why you should become a moderator:
I have been on Opticraft for many years now and have become known to staff and other players server-wide. As of the 20th of November 2016* I have had the rank 'Trusted' and as soon as I found out I had made it my mission to serve players whenever and wherever I can. This was in addition to my service in my real community of which I have been providing technical support, working in a student council and providing web design services. I have dedicated my life to service and I believe that this could be another opportunity to provide to others and have some fun.

Thank you for possibly considering me as a Opticraft Staff Member.
adunc19 [Al]


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Re: Moderator Application - adunc19
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2016, 04:46:46 pm »
As you stated, applications are still closed and while this is a well thought out application I'm going to reject it.