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Author Topic: Builder Application V3 GatorFingo  (Read 2816 times)

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Builder Application V3 GatorFingo
« on: July 09, 2015, 09:42:42 pm »
here are my 3 builds...
Overgrown Flower Garden
Nature Living Area
Modern Skyscraper

You can find them at...
Overgrown Flower Garden  /home GatorFingo:flowers
Nature Living Area            /home GatorFingo:nature
Modern Skyscraper            /homr GatorFingo:Modern


Overgrown Flower Garden
A 3D pixel art of all the 1 block high flowers in the game with a fence and torches surronding it
Nature Living Area
A 100x100 area that was manually landscaped with mountains and overhangs and lakes and caves and rivers and tress and paths and even a small cabin.
Modern Skyscraper
A Skyscraper that has an extremely detailed exterior and that is over 50 blocks tall. It has a lot of bushes and garden area on the bottom as well as 4 fountains.

Reason why i want builder
I want builder to work with redstone. i am awesome at redstone and i believe i can do amazing things with it.


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Re: Builder Application V3 GatorFingo
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2015, 10:37:02 pm »
Although your builds are creative and show potential, unfortunately- rejected. Your flowers build is pretty and nice to look at but it lacks in size. As for your nature build, the terrain is good but it does not show off your building skills, as it is mostly comprised of trees and water. Try filling space in your builds with structures instead of saplings and bonemeal. Your modern build is nice too, but the exterior is plain and repetitive.

If you added size and detail to your builds, you'd have a great shot at becoming Builder. Also, using different building styles can show off your skills better. Keep going, you show a lot of potential!