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Author Topic: Builder Application- annaleaPlaysMC  (Read 1649 times)

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Builder Application- annaleaPlaysMC
« on: May 09, 2015, 02:43:13 pm »
Builder Application - annaleaPlaysMC

Ingame name: annaleaPlaysMC
Join date: 02-02-2015
Briefly describe all your creations: Project #1 is a church, and project #2 is a riverside cottage. I got the idea for a church from a picture online, of a St. Mathews church, and the idea for the cottage came from a park I live close to. The cottage is a waterfall, flowing into a river. The light is produced in this project by lanterns in the trees and river.  I would highly recommend visiting my projects, as it is hard to explain small details.
What world/s are the creations on: The projects are both on recruit6, and can be found by typing /home annaleaPlaysMC:builderbuild . If you need help finding them, please contact me.
Links to screenshots of the creation: (sorry if it's bad resolution)
Names of players who helped contribute: Veloticy gave me some advise along the way, and Mathew_BC helped design the tables in the church
Extra (Anything else you want to mention): I have never really been to a fancy church, or a church at all, so I filled the space with things I thought might be in a church, but they might not be.

                         Thank you for your consideration,


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Re: Builder Application- annaleaPlaysMC
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2015, 04:12:40 pm »
You have a good start. But for now, try to add more details - interior and exterior. Although your church has a good size, it lacks exterior detail (the walls are entirely flat, try to add some more shape into them.) When looking at the interior, it also lacks detail and is very empty. Try to find things that make the interior more full.
On the cottage - when I first looked at the cottage ingame, I didn't notice it because it was being engulfed in trees. It is quite small, so try to make it bigger while adding detail around it so it isn't being completely smothered by trees. Trees are great, just try not to hide your build with them!
You show potential, you just need more details.

Unfortunately, rejected.
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