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Author Topic: Crafter Application Template and Information  (Read 5661 times)

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Crafter Application Template and Information
« on: August 31, 2014, 01:05:49 pm »
The Crafter rank is the next rank achievable after Builder, these players show extraordinary building talent  and create some of the most impressive creations on Opticraft Creative. As they are among the best, this rank is not an easy one to achieve. To achieve it a player must show incredible building capabilities as well as dedication. This rank will be given by Admin+ to Builders.

The creations in your application must be your own work, no team building or help from others.

If at anytime you feel confident enough to become a Crafter, call an Admin over to briefly look at something you've made. At this point they will either tell you to apply with the template below for Crafter or to keep building.

Please copy paste the template below into a new thread within this forum, filling out the blanks.
Any posts which do not follow this template will be closed and ignored.

REMINDER: You MUST receive permission from an Admin+ before making an application!


Title: Crafter Application - Name

Ingame name:
Join date:
Briefly describe all your creations:
What world/s are the creations on:
Links to screenshots of the creation:
Extra (Anything else you want to mention):