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Author Topic: Selling Various Items and Giving away some things  (Read 4036 times)

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Selling Various Items and Giving away some things
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:32:27 am »
I will be selling both the blaze farms at my /home blaze2 for a total of 15k (dont worry members you will still have access to the double blaze farm) and each farm has a 1 hit kill timer, and is fully developed)
Also i am giving away new memberworld spawners basically /mail me ingame or reply to this topic, and i will go fetch one for you. as far as i remember i have 8 left.
Potions of fire resistance is highly recommended but if you dont have/can't make/lack will to make any i will provide them upon request.
Also i have a set of god armor with negligible damage to them (they have max protection(12 total;4 projectile), however do not have unbreaking, for the 60% durability increase is not worth the 150% xp increase to repair the items). each article has negligible damage to them (<4%) 20k
i also have a few 'god' fishing rods for sale for 4k (pensfan121), and 'less than god' rods (total level 7 or 8*) for 2k
i am also trading pumpkin pie for stone for my project @ /home NotABronie ocelot 4 stone-> 1 pie
i have near 2 doublechests of pie to offer
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