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Would you like it better if the walls were made of stone or stone bricks?

5 (29.4%)
Stone bricks
11 (64.7%)
Doesn't matter
1 (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 17

Author Topic: Project Page of *Vault 102* (based from Vault 101) [Work In Progress]  (Read 26404 times)

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Re: Vault 101 [Work In Progress]
« Reply #60 on: March 26, 2013, 11:36:16 am »
totaly awsome! love the design! Fallout is a great game, and this is the best replica i have ever seen.
Thank you :)

I have many late pictures to post on here and I have implemented some more secrets as well.  I know this has been a very slow project, but some days I am busy.  Also, I am considering renaming it Vault 102, since I have added my own designs and rooms.