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Author Topic: Official SMP Ranks and Their Perks with an In-Depth Analysis of Each  (Read 1619 times)

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There are 9 Official Ranks on SMP Opticraft. Here are their Official names and perks with an in-depth analysis of each;

1. Guest: When you first join SMP without signing up on the website, this is your rank. Your in-game name is displayed in white on the chat in-game. [Basic Rank-No Special Perks]

2. Member: This rank is given to you when you register on the site you are on right now. You receive the ability to use all features this website has to offer like posting and starting new topics on the forums, voting, msging people and stuff like that. In-game, you receive $500 in-game credits (dollars), a free tiny protection stone, the ability to set 2 homes, and access to the /warp memberworld upon registering! [Voting Info]: You should also "vote" for the server by clicking on the "vote" tab above. By putting in your in-game name and voting on a site, you receive 1 diamond! There are 4 sites you can vote on, 3 of them let you vote for Opti every 24 hours (1 day) and the other lets you vote every 12 hours (1/2 day). Therefore, you can reel in 5 diamonds a day for free just by setting aside a little time!] Your name is displayed in gray on the chat in-game.

3. Trusted: Exactly what it sounds like! Trusted are usually players who have played the server for a while, they are also citizens who people like and trust. If you do the following, you will most-likely obtain trusted; talk to people over the chat, join in on conversations while not using any inappropriate language against any other players or making them feel uncomfortable or bad about themselves. Try to help people out! If someone needs help, see if you can spare a bit of time. This may include joining in on builds, answering questions, or standing up to any players who are abusing other players. Any help will count. Last but not least, NEVER EVER ask, beg, or point out that you should be promoted to trusted! This only DECREASES your chance of getting trusted in the first place! BTW: Only Operators, Administrators, and the Owner can promote you to trusted! [Moderator App Info]: Once trusted, you may apply for the next rank up; Moderator. [NOTE: You may only apply for moderator at specified time, you can't just go out there and post a app. Opti just days ago at this time got 8 NEW Moderators! It would be a stupid move to apply right after they were accepted just because you missed it! Your app will just be moved to the rejected pile and get locked!] [Perks]: Can color text on signs and can place water.] Your name is displayed in orange on the chat in-game. [Note: You must be of Member Rank to get Trusted!]

4. Top Voter: A member and up player who is one of the top 3 who have voted the most for the server. They show extreme dedication to helping to keep this server alive by "spreading the word." (They basically are members who have voted the most during the previous month. They are the Top 3.) If you come in 1st place with the most votes, you get $30 in real life! 2nd get $20 and 3rd gets $10! See [Voting Info] in the member analysis for more info. Name is displayed in a light-green on the chat in-game.

5. Moderator: Player that is given the ability and authority to undo grief and ban the people responsible for it, can also ban/kick spammers. They are those who moderate the chat, and it's players. They do get the ability to fly and place lava but CANNOT spawn in items. They also get access to the staff lounge. [Must be of trusted rank to apply. See [Moderator App Info] in the trusted analysis for more info. Name is displayed in a light, noticeable blue on the chat in-game.

6. Developer: Exactly what it sounds like! Develops Opticraft's specific code. Name is displayed in a dark-green in-game.

7. Operator: Long-time and Experienced Moderator. Has all abilities of a moderator + can spawn in items and give trusted to players. Name is displayed in a turquoise color on the chat in-game.

8. Administrator: Staff member that oversees the whole entire community in-game and forums and is involved in important decisions about all of Opticraft. Has all perks of an Operator. Name is displayed in a dark blue usually. [Though, for example, Nick3306's name is actually displayed in pink at the moment.]

9. Owner: We all know there's only one owner! Pays for all server expenses and codes the plugins that makes Opticraft Opticraft. Takes a look at any problems with the server. Name is displayed in red on the chat in-game.

To achieve higher ranks, you MUST; follow ALL rules and put them into consideration, SHOW MATURITY, don't act like a 5 years old over a iron ingot, and NEVAR EVAR ask to be promoted! This only decreases you chance of getting promoted! Remember, players of moderator and up have the ability to ban/kick you for any inappropriate actions you have committed!

I hope this helped! Enjoy Opticraft!

Link to Official Page giving a brief analysis of each rank:,SMPInfo.html

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Holy balls.
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Re: Official SMP Ranks and Their Perks with an In-Depth Analysis of Each
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Isnt this just like that?:,7077.0.html
that's forum ranks

and ingame ranks, it gets the job done fine. We don't need two posts that have basically the same information


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Re: Official SMP Ranks and Their Perks with an In-Depth Analysis of Each
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Thanks for accomplishing this for us; however, we already have this information on the main Information tab,SMPInfo.html