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Author Topic: Another Free Alpha Account from North Pole  (Read 2002 times)

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Another Free Alpha Account from North Pole
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:04:20 pm »
Quote from: Merlin_Q
I am, again, giving away one free MineCraft Alpha Gift Code.

PLEASE read this complete post before submitting your entry.
Please check back and read edits to this post as the contest goes on, I WILL be modifying and adding demonstration pictures soon.
I need people (with or without a paid account) to vote on the contest results,
so please check back if your not entering.
And please bump if you think that giving away accounts to the deserving is a good thing.

This Months Contest will be based on submissions of models made in Minecraft Classic (with certain exceptions as listed in the rules below)

The basic Rules are as follows:

* Your Entry should be created from now to the end of January, and should be made specifically for this contest.
There are TWO exeptions to this rule
#1: I will, however, allow ADDITIONS to previous models or projects, but you must first take pictures of what existed before you begin, and these pictures must have the construction spoke of below visible.
#2: I posted these basic rules in the topic of December's drawing, so if you started then, and you obeyed the rules, then your entry will be accepted.

* You should take periodic pictures as you are building, many of which you will post as LINKS in your entry.
--> At MINIMUM, you should have a before picture, with the construction mentioned below, and pictures at about 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% Complete, These Pictures should be posted as viewable pics in the entry (I will not disqualify you for not being able to do this, but pm me and I'll try and help you)
ALL other pictures should be posted as LINKS so as not to clog the topic.

* Most Pictures must have a construction, or words that show that you took the pictures after you heard of this contest, examples include words like: Merlin_Q, North Pole or NP, 907, etc. And/Or symbols such as: The Alaska flag, a thermometer at -45, the "Coldfoot" from my thermometer (I'll get you a better pic), A BEARDED snowman, etc. IT IS alright to have some pictures from angles where you can not see the construction, so long as its obviously the same project, most should include it.

* If of epic proportions, the construction used for the authentication above could BE your entire entry, or a large part thereof.
I will be providing examples very soon as to the authentication constructions, but I think it will be obvious if you created it for the contest.

* Even though it is classic, I don't want solid diamond, gold, iron, etc, structures, unless you ABSOLUTELY need the color (for pixel art, etc) OR you create a mine of SUFFICIENT size to show that effort was made to mine for that much valuable material, uses of valuable materials for minor decoration is allowed.

* I will allow creations made with a friend's Alpha account, but I would rather not, as I will have to tour it personally, and speak with the friend, and verification that its your work is hard overall.

* I will allow creations made in a team, but there is only ONE prize, and you must comprehensively detail whose job was what, and how long each individual spent.

* If in a team or not, Creative or not, if you are creating your entry on a multiplayer server, you MUST provide the server in a PM to me (not in your entry to prevent griefing), and you MUST have the admin/mods discuss their observations of its construction, etc. with me.
--> After some thought, the use of a multiplayer server is encouraged, as I would like to observe the building, and talk with your server mods about you as a player.

Most Importantly, Spread the word to others who would be an asset to the community, keeping the pool small will not increase your chances in the long run.
Also spread the word to admins, mods, etc that you meet on Creative Multiplayer Servers, so they can come to vote, and likewise tell people they see.

(If you are not frequenting Creative Multiplayer Servers, then I would advise you do, to meet the crafters, see what is being done in Minecraft, and get ideas etc.)

I would like to thank the following Classic Servers for sponsoring by advertising this contest:


And The Following SMP Servers:

The Red-Eyed Gamers

(yea I know this list is very short at the moment, so please let mods know about the contest)
If you see an ad for this contest on a server, please let me know, so I can add them.
If you are a mod or high-level user on a server, think about adding the following ad on the wall of your main room:
(this is assuming you have a text plugin for your server, if not let me know, and I will build one for you)

North Pole, AK

A contest i found on the forum. He makes them every month. The deadline for this month's is today so you better hurry up if you want to participate. Sorry for posting this late, but you can participate in February.
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Re: Another Free Alpha Account from North Pole
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 07:11:45 pm »
that's some nice contest, maybe i'll join in for next month with something epic  ;)