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Author Topic: Thermoflux22 Builder Application  (Read 571 times)

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Thermoflux22 Builder Application
« on: August 08, 2012, 08:46:00 pm »
Ingame name: Thermoflux22

Join date: Wednesday, February 8th, 2012.

The build I have created is called the Opticraft Trade Center, or OTC for short. There are six towers and one maze included in the OTC. The towers are made of stone/glass blocks (for OTC1 & 2, the 'twin' towers) and grey wool/glass blocks for the other four towers. all the towers have water columns that serve as elevators, giving access to all the floors. The maze is made of white wool/glass blocks, with the exterior shell in a vertical stripe pattern like the towers. The maze itself has three floors, each one with glass walls. OTC1 and 2 have 24 floors. OTC3 has 21 floors. OTC4 has 23 floors. OTC5 has 21 floors. OTC6 has 20 floors.

The Opticraft trade Center is situated in Recruit52, just left of the spawn zone. There is a dark-grey-wool wall which has the OTC inside.

Links to screenshots of the creation:
This is an album of five images, which give different perspective views over the OTC.
The first image has the OTC6 at front-left and the OTC4 at front-right. The spawn zone is at the far right.
The second image has the OTC3 at front-left, with the maze in the center of the image.
The OTC5 is at the front-right of the third image, with the twin towers OTC1 & 2 at front-left.
The fourth image gives an approximate view of the OTC from the spawn zone, albeit higher up.
The fifth and final image is of the entire OTC as viewed from over the cloud-line, looking leftwards in relation to spawn.

The operators Kodak28, ZeroZero1Nine, Gavin1928374655, xeadin and 5OO helped me to copy/paste the OTC1 and 2 from recruit51, add cuboid sections and delete block sections and to advise me on my progress. The recruit Whitetiger234 helped me with re-doing the upper floors of OTC1 and 2 while they were in their early stages, in recruit51.
I give special thanks to those people personally for their contribution, and I apologize in advance to anyone that I might have forgotten to mention.

I am currently a recruit.

NOTE: The former OTC1 and 2 towers in recruit51 are now under the ownership of another recruit, who I gave full permission to change for his own use.
Originally the OTC1,2 and 3 were built in Member32, but they were copied/pasted into Recruit51 with the help of operators as they were in need of more space for extension. Those originals still stand in Member32, with their abbreviated names put on them in lava.

I agree fully to the terms of the website and the rules of the classic Opticraft Dev Server.


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Re: Thermoflux22 Builder Application
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2012, 08:47:50 pm »
the towers are very nice but they are bit.. plain?

good luck thermo but I'm not sure if it's enough :(

however, they are really creative shapes (on some of them), and aren't just a regular rectangle. Very nice.


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Re: Thermoflux22 Builder Application
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2012, 08:54:46 pm »
I really really really want to support this, but I have to agree with Mega. The shape and structure of these builds are fantastic, and they have brilliant designs, but the fact that they are all made of the same material gives it a bland look. Add some colorful designs to the buildings to spice them up, and maybe throw in some interior decoration. Just my opinion though! Good luck with the application anyway!


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Re: Thermoflux22 Builder Application
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2012, 08:56:58 pm »
Some of the towers were very nicely detailed and interesting, however the ones that were just plain rectangles were a bit bland. The first towers you made as a member were recruit worthy, however they are not builder quality. I suggest making an entire city around the towers (i.e. roads, houses etc..).  The maze is fun but lacks shape. Perhaps you could decorate the exterior (maybe make it into a building?).

Builder apps usually have at least 3 builds. I am treating the towers as one build, not several individual builds. I suggest making more builds (use shape and try to build abstract/original things) of equal or higher quality. Rejected for now, make more builds and use lots of shape. Better luck next time