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Creative Information

Opticraft Creative Server Information
Read the information on this page to make the most of our Creative server, it includes help, commands, links and much more useful stuff. Good luck!

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General Information

Opticraft is a creative free build server. It is fitted with ranks, worlds, and an anti-grief system to enhance your playing experience. Take the time and type /rules on the server for a list of our rules. All we ask is that you respect other players and follow the rules while on our server.

Our server has a multiple world system. The world you spawn in is the Lobby world and cannot be built in. When first joining the server you are only able to build in the Guest world, as you progress through the ranks more worlds and commands will become available to you. The latest Guest world can be accessed though the portal in front of /spawn. New worlds are created frequently and your builds are saved.

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Our Creative server has 7 ranks in total, obtaining ranks gets progressively difficult and more skill needs to be shown each promotion. There are 4 main player ranks:
    Starting standard rank, no special abilities.

    Given to players that prove to an Operator in-game that they have moderate building skills. They can then build in the 'Recruit' worlds and are able to place water and lava.

    Once a player has built more high quality creations they are able to apply for the Builder rank on the forums. If accepted by an Operator they can then build in the 'Builder' worlds. They have the ability to /tp to other players, use a //wand to measure sizes and access to Redstone and Minecarts.

    Given to players who show extraordinary building talent, and create some of the most impressive creations. They have many additional commands to assist in their building, and /kick to assist Operators against spammers and rule breakers when all Operators are busy or offline.

    Look after the server and its players. They undo grief and make sure all of our players are following the rules. They have commands to aid moderation and punish abusive players.

    Helps develop the custom Opticraft code.

    Oversees the entire server to make sure it is running correctly as well as dealing with the community. They are highly involved in executive decisions that involve the server and it's players.

    The owners of Opticraft Creative. They pay for the server along with maintaining many of the custom plugins that make playing on Opticraft an enjoyable experience. When things go wrong they take a look at the server and fix them.
You start as a Guest. In order to move up the ranks, you must build in the your rank's world - enter the portals outside of /spawn in the Lobby. See the Promotions Section to see how to get promoted to each rank. You must have building skills as well as contribute positively to the server. This means following the rules, showing maturity and helping out!

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Promotions can be carried out ingame for the Recruit rank, as well as on the forums for the Builder, Crafter and Operator ranks. Below is a list of ways how a player can progress if they want a promotion to the next rank, remember, the building ranks get progressively harder so don't think gaining the higher ranks will be easy!

  • Recruit (from Guest)
    In order to receive the Recruit rank you do not need to apply, just ask an Operator if they can see your builds ingame. For the best chances of a promotion you should have more than one build showing some limited skill and creativity showing some quality. You might be asked to build more by an Operator, the more you build the higher your chances of showing skill are!

  • Builder (from Recruit)
    In order to apply for Builder you must already have achieved the Recruit rank. To have the best chance of being promoted you must have built a number of high quality and detailed creations to submit in your Builder application. You must take screenshots of your creations and upload them to a photo hosting site for your application on our forums.

    All info including the Builder template can be found here.
    Examples of previously accepted Builders can be found here.

  • Crafter (from Builder)
    In order to apply for Crafter you must already have achieved the Builder rank. If at any time you feel confident enough to become a Crafter, PM an Admin for permission to make your application and show them what you will use. At this point they will either tell you to apply in the applications section for Crafter, or to keep building. Keep in mind your creations must have extreme amounts of quality and detail, this is the highest building rank.

    All info including the Crafter template can be found here.
    Examples of previously accepted Crafters can be found here.

  • Operator (from Recruit, Builder or Crafter)
    In order to apply for Operator you must already have achieved the Recruit rank, unless given special permission from an Admin. You must show a high level of maturity and commitment and be ready to help others instead of build. You may only apply when the applications are open, see the links below.

    All info including the Operator template can be found here.
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By voting for the server you can help us grow, which is really important! In order to show our appreciation for your votes, the top 3 voters each month with a special coupon of $20, $15 and $10 to use in the donation store.

You can vote on Planet Minecraft every 24 hours and Minecraft Server List every 12 hours. Don't forget to favourite and diamond us on Planet Minecraft!

In conjunction to that, players that show their appreciation by voting 20 times or more in a month (over either server lists) will be entered into a draw to win a bonus $10 to spend in the store.

Vote for us on Planet Minecraft
Vote for us on Minecraft Server List

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Donations help the server remain running and show us your appreciation for the service we are providing. When you donate, you can choose from a number of useful rewards such as mob player time or your own world!

All rewards are given to you the instant the payment is made - no waiting for manual processing!

You can donate to us at: Creative Donations

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/classic - A special toggleable command to give a Minecraft Classic feel.
/ranks - Displays all the ranks on the server.
/deafen - Stops displaying all unnecessary messages.
/togglenotifications - Toggles unwanted notifications like world changes.
/j <world> - Teleports you to the spawn of the selected world.
/delhome <homename> - Delete a named home.
/world info - Gives you the map coordinates and world of your position.
/mv list - Gives a list of the worlds available on the server.
/help - Gives you a list of the commands you can use.
/helpop - Sends your message to all available Operators and Moderators.
/home <homename / playername:homename> - Teleports you to your home, or to another players home. To teleport to another players named home use /home <playername:homename> (eg. /home Tobs74:lemon)
/homes <name> - Lists all of your homes, or another players.
/ignore <name> - Allows you to ignore a certain player.
/list - Lists all online players, sorted by rank.
/mail - Allows you to send/read mail.
/motd - Displays the message of the day.
/msg - Send a private message to another user.
/near - Lists all players near you.
/r - replies to the last pm you received
/rules - Displays the server rules.
/seen <name>- Shows when a player was last online.
/sethome - Sets your current location as your home, use /home to go back there.
/warp - Displays the warps you can use. Use /warp <warpname> to go to the warp.
/spawn - Teleports you to the Lobby world spawn.

There are a lot more commands that are avalible to you, however we feel these are the ones you will be using the most often when ingame. Feel free to see any others we haven't added to the list using /help ingame!

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If you need any more help, feel free to submit a help request ingame using /helpop, along with your message, or you can make a topic on our forums.

We hope you enjoy your stay on Opticraft!

Last updated: 07-01-2015