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Offtopic / A li'lle somethin' I did
« on: March 08, 2014, 05:29:50 am »

Event line:
0:00 - 4:00 Directing traffic
4:09 - 4:25 Police intervention
4:43 - 5:25 Interview
5:26 - 8:26 what it's like without my gracious* presence.
*just kidding ;)

Nearing the end of the Summer(2013), Toronto Canada, a storm, and flood caught the city by surprise, causing the power grid to go down; knocking out power to the entire city, including traffic lights. The closest intersection to me, which was Victoria park/finch. The intersection there was jammed, so I decided to be a good Samaritan and began directing the traffic... up until then the police decided to show up, and order me off the streets, citing "It's very dangerous, you could get yourself killed."

The sun didn't take much longer to set, and have I stayed, perhaps the possibility of death or injury was real.

Aside from that, it was an exhilarating experience, and very rewarding as many people thanked me for clearing the traffic jam up.

For an illustration of the danger zone:

For a related post, visit:

Derecho. Such a simple word is not to be taken lightly. Roughly translating to “right” (as in the direction), meteorologists use this term to describe a specific weather pattern, which happens about once a year. The term is often referred to as a land hurricane because of its intense winds that have been recorded up to 320 Km/h (≈200 mph) which are known to cause widespread severe damage across the United States. A typical derecho has wind speeds of 90-110 Km/h (≈50-70 mph) and is about 390 km (≈240 miles) in diameter, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Currently, the storm clusters are predicted to spawn between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening, hitting the major cities of Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Eastern Iowa is also significantly at risk. Large hail and sporadic tornadoes are also likely to pop up in the areas at risk so caution should be taken by everyone in the affected areas.

The derecho that occurred on June 29, 2012 was one of the strongest and most destructive storm systems in North American history. The derecho caused widespread power outages into the Washington D.C. region, and after the storm system was over, many of the affected areas were met with extreme heat waves that only worsened the conditions.

In addition to the risk of hail and tornadoes, lightning and flash flooding is another factor to be taken into consideration. Since many of these storm clusters are expected to last well through the night, it is important that those at risk have a safety plan in case of severe weather. People oftentimes act with less caution in the evening hours when it is dark out because they cannot see just how bad it truly is outside. Keep in mind though, that overnight tornadoes are of the most dangerous ones and that just because you cannot see an immediate threat, it doesn't
 mean that there is not one there.


Ban Appeals / [2crzy4uall] Tabooti Appeal
« on: January 06, 2013, 03:03:43 pm »
First off I would like to apologize to 2crzy4uall, my reaction was excessive and unjustified, and then I would like to apologize to the other mods/operators/admins involved that I reacted harshly to as well.

I was completely out of line and I see that now.  

I fully understand that a ban is necessary under these circumstances but I implore you to not make it a permanent one.  
I still very much wish to play on opticraft again some day.

Thank you,

Offtopic / The History of a soldier (Under construction)
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:09:34 am »
Hello everyone. Over the last two months, I and a group of randoms over from Mount & Blade war band: Napoleonic wars, FSE forums have written this story. Of course it wasn't as great as it is now, that's because I put the story together, edited the bad bits out, Fixed the grammar & spelling, then added some more content to make it more interesting.


WARNING: The following story contains mature subject matter, and foul language. If you are easily offended, or under-age do NOT read this story.

James had new orders; they were to assault an enemy camp.

He and the rest of his company started to move into position, As the Lieutenant gave the go to move up.
They proceeded to march as bullets where whizzing past their ears, and men being shot dead, or badly wounded by the hot metallic balls; discharged into their flesh. As the company advanced James heard a thump to his left, the man to his right, was shot cold dead. He was a good man, a comrade of James during the long hours of training.
James looked over at the rest of the line to notice that he was one of the last few men standing in the first row, the rest had been gunned down in the last volley. "Close up!" a sergeant shouted, and the company visibly shrank around James as the men pressed together. The scene was unbearable, with the sight of guns blazing, and grown men whining & crying like feeble little girls, The nauseating smell of blood, and the metallic taste of gunpowder in the air, James couldn't help but vomit.  

Second after, James raised his head to see that the enemy cavalry were charging on the flank, he tried to warn his comrades, however he saw that the flanking cavalry was sucked into the ground, as his comrades were attempting to rip him apart.  As his comrades pulled him into a rough rally square; James was slapped by his comrades, and was able to shake off the  mad hallucinations that were induced by the shock of seeing his comrades die around him.
Suddenly they heard the sound of a horn, it was British dragoons coming to help, they seen the smoke fly in the distances and set them forth. Then cannonballs hurled through the sky, fired by the french's 3 operational 6 ponders guns that were firing directly into James' company causing widespread havoc, and despair amongst the ranks..
Luckily, the first two missed, but the third directly hit a few soldiers and the musicians. There was nothing to keep spirits up, but the colors and the lieutenant's words. Suddenly, James realized that they were nearly 100 feet from the enemy's camp. The company remained quiet, and waited for the lieutenant's orders to advance and seize the camp, thereby taking the pressure off the other companies who were in dire straits.

The company was back into a line. They were walking slowly, undaunted by death running through and around them. The order was given and the company charged towards the camp, left and right men collapsed on the ground dying lonely and painful deaths, they reached the encampment and James engaged in melee with a corporal of the Vistula legion, the corporal got the best of James, injuring him, and then taking him prisoner.

The attack ended in disaster, with almost no survivors from his company. as a  prisoner James managed to escape his badly guarded cell and fled to the nearest village, where he met up with a deserter of his unit. two deserters of a rifles regiment, who directed them to a pub. Once seated, they discussed and laughed about ideas of being enlisted into new regiments under new names (to avoid punishment for desertion), wild ideas about forming a rebel army "just for the bloody hell of it" as one of the riflemen described it, and other similar ideas. Hours later, the four of them decided to Drink as much as they can, and while they were drinking. A man feel onto one of the Riflemen. With the intoxication of the alcohol. The riflemen threw his fist and hit the man over the face, within seconds the pub was a riot. James and the rest of the Riflemen stayed together and fought of the others, although they were drunk. They still remembered some of their training and fought back. They ran out giggling, then went to the nearest brothel. James hadn't drank much, he decided to sleep, on his way to bed at his room in the tavern he found Colonel Betty naked on his bed, ready and waiting then he quickly shut the door and continued moving down the hallway. Upon the reaching the end of the hallway, he ran into the Captain of A company in his old regiment.

He told the Captain of the journey he had been on, and joined the Captain on his return in the morning. Upon arriving back to camp. Upon returning to the regimental camp, James was in a terrible condition as he had forgotten to clean himself up. James was ordered to be given a regimental bath, and was given a new uniform: It was slightly too small for him, although it was soft, He was glad as he didn't like his normal uniform, it would always be itchy and uncomfortable. He got his uniform ready, his musket over his back, with many spare bullets and one loaded one. He remembered his knifes, either for throwing or cooking. And sometimes to even sharpen the bayonet. He was ready to get his mission briefing.
It was guard duty, although it was not as he expected. He was to guard the Captains Daughter, as her personal guard. He headed on to meet her, upon entry he noticed that she was in the middle of taking a bath with her friends. James stopped, in awe he turned to his right for some reason like he was in marching order. The Captain's daughter saw that James saw her and her friends and immediately put a robe on.
She went to confront James, "How dare you enter my quarters without knocking!" she said.
"I'm sorry milady, my name is James, your father had ordered me to personally guard you with my life" James responded, in attention.
"Very well, I'm Fiona. Please watch the door while I get into some fitting clothes" as she walked off.  James followed, and stopped at her bathroom door. He thought she was safe while her maids got her ready.

His day had begun in mess. He realized. "I walked into her quarters, and saw her naked. I'm sure to get a few lashings if that was mentioned...".
Fiona, was dressed, and left her room. She instructed Private James to follow her outside, as she had intended to go on a walk.
"Oui mademoiselle" He answered. Fiona stood still, and the other regimental guards glared at him.  He didn't know why he spoke French to a British woman, the guards must of thought he was a spy. His cheeks went red, and corrected himself "Yes Milady".

 Suddenly James and everyone else in the camp heard the sound of distant gunfire as well as the old French marching tune the "Pas de charge". James decided to Warn Fiona, he tries to open the door. But it was strangely locked, he got his musket, shot the handle and kicked the door in. the Maids were dead, as  Fiona was being dragged away by French, James shouted for help, the other guards at the front door.
They ran in with James and chased after her, killing French fighters on their way. They caught up and stabbed, shot and slashed at the enemy. They had now successfully freed Fiona of enemy custody. when they turned around. They saw the fort in flames. The Captain was retreating on his horse, with an entire regiment of horse, Followed by infantry retreating to the woods in fear. They had thought Fiona and her small Guard regiment were long dead.
 James led Fiona and the 8 other Guards to the forest, they looked back, and heard distant screaming from the town, they marched in the direction of their army, hoping to catch up with them again.

A straggler from the enemy was waiting in the trees, he stabbed Fiona through the breast, killing her almost instantly. James stood there in shock. He didn't know what to do as one of the guards shot the Frenchman and grabbed James and led him on his way without Fiona's corpse.  
James glimpsed back, as he saw another guard running towards Fiona. At first, he thought the guard was helping her, but he quickly realized the guard was taking anything she had on her that would be worth any value.
 While he was distracted, a Frenchman suddenly burst out from behind a tree, and stabbed James in the leg. The guard with him managed to overpower the Frenchman, kill him, and call for help. James found himself laying there, bleeding from his leg, and feeling nauseous about the whole ordeal. His eyelids became heavier and heavier, until he blacked out.
when he woke up he didn't know where he was. He asked the badly wounded soldier next to him where they were. The soldier told him that the French had taken them as prisoners, and that he was in the worst prisoner camp the French had to offer.

He looked away from the British soldier on his right, he noticed more British soldiers, from other regiments. At the corner of his eye, there she was. there was Fiona being treated.
There was no way they would of killed her he thought, they wanted a ransom from her. She was worth a lot of money to the British.
Everyone in that room wasn't in fighting condition. He knew that they would either kill them, or sell them along with Fiona. They were mixed units, however he did a quick count. There was barely a platoon in that room, he could only guess how many there was in other rooms.

 He pulled over the cheap blanket laying on him to see a thick gash on his leg. Fearful for it worsening, he wrapped the blanket around his leg as well as he could. Laying there, he felt unable to do anything. Then, from outside the building, it seemed, he heard Horses whining and going mad, then French solders shouting and giving orders, guns were being shot. Howitzers were being fired. He didn't know what was going on, after a hour or so. There was a mad cheer, it wasn't the French. He heard the sound of boots walking into the building. It was an army of French & British army deserters! Lead by the two Riflemen he met in the inn about a week ago.
They entered the room after a surge of guards came in, and arrested the remaining French surgeons. To their surprise they saw James, and explained that they would rejoin the army, and hope to be forgiven for desertion by capturing the French fort.  James grumbled and complained about his wounds, and went on to explain that he was ordered to protect Fiona with a small group of 20. Some died and others were with him. James promised that he would speak to the Captain of the British barracks (And Fiona's father) that they would be allowed to rejoin if they stay with James and his platoon. So they got supplies and began to look for the Captain.

They left the prison grounds, once the injured were in the carts. They moved slowly, with three platoons worth of men up and down the road. Feeling secure, an old man who was seated on the same cart as James, took out a box that he had kept hidden. James couldn't read what the box had said, but the old man finally opened it with a knife (another item that he had kept secret), to reveal 8 cigars. The lid fell to the bottom of the cart, and James was quick enough to grab it before the old man could. James found that it was old Virginian tobacco, the price of which must have been high at that point. James looked back up at the old man, who was holding the box as if it was about to be taken from him. James asked "Where did you get these?". The old man replied, in a very deep French-accent, "You do not need to know. I- I get around a lot. That is all." The man snatched the lid out of James's hands. James stared at the old man, who was at that point putting a cigar in his mouth, studying him. He appeared to be at least 80-years old, and had thick, white mutton chops across his chin. Atop his head, he wore a fur hat, that would resemble a short grenadier guard cap. He wore a big, bear-fur coat, that went down to his shins. On his feet, he had two large boots, pointed at the end, the likes of which James was not familiar with. James asked "Who are you?". The old man looked up at James, took a long pause to light his cigar, and replied "My name is Audiate. The Fourteenth of France. You do not know me, I do not expect you to. I have been places you never thought to have existed. There, I answered your question, and even more. Now do not ask anything, for that is all I would wish to share." With that, the old man turned to watch the trees by the road as they moved passed. James looked around at the other people sitting on the cart. One in particular.

It was the British Captain. Fiona's father, of whom James was guarding. He kept staring at him, in shock and he felt his spine go cold. Something wasn't right, he wasn't moving and his eyes were closed. When they stopped, he fell out the cart. His Sgt and LCpl ran towards him. James did as well, when they picked him up, there was a poisoned dart on his body, they weren't alone. Orders were shouted out, in less than minutes the place was secure and ready to defend. French & British solders lined up ready to fight, they were in a farm it had seemed. A wrecked farm, they managed all the wounded in the barn, as well as Fiona and the other VIPs. Then guns were fired. It was James Madison & his American regiments, they were outnumbered. Soon they would be out numbered, they would kill them if they got into the defenses....

James still being a private was ordered to stand in line, along his comrades. as the American lines were advancing, with loud footsteps, and drums & cannon thundering, a man was spotted walking towards the enemy. He stood in the middle of the battlefield as cannons landed around him.

An American scout rode towards him, and returned to his general, soon after the American lines grew quiet. They have stopped playing their instruments.
This mysterious figure, started to walk towards  James' company. However his officers did not know, who or what he was, and gave the order "MAKE READY!"
James noticed that it was Audiate, as he took out a cigar to his mouth.
James began to yell "NO, NO!", as his officers yelled "Take aim!"

Audiate interrupted by  shouted out in a deep, demanding, authoritative voice "Stop, ye rebels! Aye, that's what you are, rebels hoping to make it back into a 'civilized' world. These fine folks here are nothing but hounds, following orders from their leader." Audiate paused to take a long smoke of his cigar. "Sure, you can start a fight here, but neither side will get much from it. You have more supplies, but those men have the spirit and numbers to tear you all apart. All they want is a purpose, and I can see that this can be used to our benefit. If they do not receive one, they're going to continue killing themselves, and killing you, until this road smells of smoke and death." Audiate looked up and down the road, and back at the angry and crazed group of townsfolk. "Those people," he said as he pointed at the mob, "are not experienced in combat. There are a lot of them, though, and with a bit of basic training, and if they are given supplies, they might just serve us-"
 "I'd say fuck 'em! They killed the captain, they don't deserve to live!" a British soldier had yelled out.
 "I appreciate your loyalty and your... enthusiasm, but would someone else, with a more rational thought, like to address the situation?" replied Audiate, before returning the cigar to his mouth. The men stood there for a moment, listening to the crowd of villagers screaming and hollering for bloodshed. Suddenly the general appeared.

"IT'S HIM!" Shouted a Colour Sgt. Commands were giving, shots were fired. And death was upon them all. The British were heavily outnumbered! They kept dying and retreating. The British Arty were running to the last defenses. The British cavalry were either dismounted or killed. They seen too many Dragoons fall back on foot. The man next to James felt his stomach, and looked to James and said "I just shat myself" James regiment giggled, then laughed out. Until a cannon ball hit the regiment next to them, killing half of them. The Americans were in throwing distances. They shouted demands, telling us to surrender. We did so. We were surrounded until we heard noises.

Galloping and war-cry, James recognized this very easily, he smirked. And began to laugh. The hole of the British continued with him and laughed. The Americans couldn't see what was happening due to the fog and bullet smoke. Until musketoons were fired. It was the Imperial Russian Army!!! Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov himself, he was coming back from England on diplomatic business. Hope was with them all. The British grabbed their weapons and charged....

The British's counter charge was successful with the aid of Kutuzov. James suddenly realized that the Captain's daughter was missing. He was now more scared, and worried than he had ever been; Not even the fear of death.
James hurriedly ran around the defensive section; looking for her, however he couldn't find her, till he faint whimpers from a horse's shed. James entered to find the Captain's daughter chained up, with blood stains on her. She appeared to be desensitized.

James started walking closer to her to assist her until his sergeant appeared behind him and yelled in a stern, thundering voice...
"What have you done to her you malignant little scum! We weren't out there fighting just so you could have your way with the Captain's Daughter!"
The sergeant proceeded to grab James by the back of his shirt, and dragging him out.
"I'm her guard Sergeant, I was only looking for her!", said James.
The Sergeant's facial expression changed..

"How can I believe you Private?"
"Ask the Captain himself! Even the kid, trust me Sergeant! I have no desire for her!" Said James
The Sergeant stuffed him back inside, followed by some extra British Solders, who took up defense in the building. James looked back to see if the Sergeant was still there and he was, he was also keeping an eye on James. Until a Cannon-ball was shot and took off the Sergeant's head. A few British soldiers ran to his body and carried him away, James ran to search for Fiona once more...

Ban Appeals / [DeweyMeister] Tabooti's Defense pitch.
« on: September 22, 2012, 08:30:49 am »
Username: tabooti
Banned By: DeweyMeister
Reason: Griefing Acornbulb's Island   
Set date: 52 blocks   2012-09-22 02:35:22   
Expire date: 2012-09-24 02:35:22

Let's clarify exactly what 'Acornbulb's Island" really is.

This is what it is, And supposedly this belong to Acornbulb.

On June 19th (Earliest builds by him on that island-As said by Chipaton) Acornbulb has started construction on the Island. However, The Island was part of Stuttgart's territorial claims 3 days before Acornbulb started his Unlawful construction.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

On June the 19th Acornbulb, applied to join the city of Stuttgart.
(click to show/hide)
Not to mention that he joined to practically give us his land, Will be returned to him.
We have no interest in his land, And do not want it, and is the reason that his region was not included in our territorial claims.

As you can see in our modern territorial claims, our claims include half of the Island, as per our ORIGINAL claims, PRIOR to acornbulb, even BUILDING on the island.

Now for the VERY related ban appeal:

1st Point: Not Acornbulb's Island. And the areas modified, never belonged to his Island in the first place.

We were building our fence across the Island, when Acornbulb started freaking out. And called the mods over. He called them over, and after a long discussion with them, I agreed to take the fences down temporarily (And started building around the island, as instructed), Till the island dispute is resolved. Aside from that, I removed the bridge that he made that connected to our mainland. Went to gather wood for more fence a few moments later I was banned.

Checked the ban, And I was supposedly banned for griefing (???)
Adding and removing blocks (Including a dirt bridge, that's not part of the Island, IS NOT griefing.)

If possible, I'd like an Admin, or Operator veto the decision made by these moderators on the Island's ownership.
Proof is provided above.

Offtopic / You laugh you lose
« on: September 22, 2012, 06:35:39 am »

Rules are simple. Pictures/Gifs only, You can post as many as you want.

If you laugh at a picture, You must quote it, and Say that you laughed at it (Admitting that you lost!)

If you lose, Nothing happens, you can still continue posting.

Offtopic / Impersonate the person above you!
« on: August 26, 2012, 07:32:14 am »
You are to impersonate the person above you!


Rejected / City Application: Stuttgart
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:42:10 am »
City name: Stuttgart

City location (coordinates, not biome, include world name): Guest World; x-3771 |  z-1849

(click to show/hide)

Mayor (Only one - this is the zone owner): Tabooti

Approximate dimensions: No less than an area of H=2000b W=780b

Number of active residents: 8

Number of completed, decorated and furnished buildings: 29

What state is the project in, and what are your plans for its future, if any: 25% done. Complete integration of the entire map of Stuttgart into becoming a large city complex. During the building process we also intend on integrating role playing to the city, in order to make it more entertaining for those who live in the city, So even when the project is completed (Or ever will be) there will be an RP element to it that will keep the city alive.

Why should we grant this city protection? You should consider granting this city protection in order to preserve the work that has already been put into it, and in order to protect the land from marauding and uninvited guests from sprouting up buildings that do not comply with the plans of the city.
The quality of work, and detail put into the city is very professional, and under the correct tools, it can become a large detailed work of art.

<Organized list of contributors in alphabetical order>

Offtopic / Die Entführung aus dem serail & Die Zauberflöte
« on: May 30, 2012, 08:18:59 am »
I've JUST finished watching this splendid play, and it's the greatest thing I've ever heard & watched. I cannot express my unending love to Mozart's genius. This play has managed to bring tears of affection into my eyes (Something that I've not experienced yet)

I highly recommend watching this heavenly masterpiece! (2 hours long, but it's the best 2 hours of your life)

I just finished Die Zauberflöte and OH. MY. GOD The amazing off this opera. Is beyond words.

The performance was outstanding, the music was heavenly, both of them together, is so amazingly spectacular.
Sadly my vocabulary isn't large enough to describe how godly this masterpiece is, but I'll go on anyways.

Life is utterly meaningless without this opera. NOTHING. Until you see this holy performance, You will LIVE life like it's meant to live!

I give my eternal, and everlasting applaud to Mozart, One of the greatest men to ever walk the earth! He's gave to us a gift that we must die to see!

« on: May 17, 2012, 01:12:30 pm »

General Discussion / Pictures with Opticalza!
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:13:52 pm »
Hello Community!

I've promised you pictures of yourselves with Opticalza, and OP will delivar!

(this thread would be in another board, if THIS was implemented. Click the link! Show your support towards organizing the forums by clicking the link!

And a HUGE thank you for Opticalza for his public appearance! (All the money made will go into a local charity.)

Thanks for visiting Stuttgart, we hope we'll hear from you soon enough!

Here's the link for all the pictures.
(click to show/hide)


It's been going through my mind, that we have 'cities' and 'city' related things under 'projects & creations'. and those threads.
I've also noticed that people post things like 'arbotorium's school' under general discussions, and to be realistic, they are all community groups, gatherings, or events with no real rewards, other than the company of others.

This would be a child board under "General Discussion"

Organization of the board:
(click to show/hide)

Childboard :Community
(click to show/hide)

Now that you've read all of this. give it a thought. The point of this is to distinguish groups, or cities, towns. Or quite simply "Community" related things.
Cities & towns have evolved into their own thing

This new board, will have a place for the unlisted subjects, and it will be used just as much (if not more) than the 'Projects & Creations' board. AND it would have a place for topics that aren't really projects & creations, nor general discussion, such as 'arbotorium's school' (I only recite that one, because it's the easiest to remember)

I hope you've started to think that we could use it, It's not just something to have, but this could be a great improvement on our forums!
Please reply to the thread, and please voice your opinions, suggestions, and objections!

Projects and Creations / The Sovereign State of Stuttgart®
« on: May 14, 2012, 09:58:56 pm »

Welcome to Stuttgart. Population: 56
Government (3)

Chairman Zezenov
Chancellor Tabooti
Mayor of Rosenberg Igenerator
Citizens (53)

Dedlymagik (Nyssa)
SAF (Stuttgart's Armed Forces) (11)

Oberst Tabooti
Oberstleutnant Zezenov
Major Igenerator
Hauptmann McEwan
Soldat BloodMann456
Soldat ZxSm1ffyzX
Soldat That1Gie
Soldat DJAlphaWolf
Soldat plihbmaster
Soldat DaleJr2148
Visitor's VISA (0)

Buisness VISA

Diplomatic VISA (0)

What is the City of Stuttgart?
After the griefing attacks on Stettin escalated, it became apparent that a new sanctuary would have to be found elsewhere.  So, General Heraldo gathered the army together and sailed south across the vast ocean.  He found what appeared to be a large desert after drifting along for sometime.  As they were unloading on the beach they came across some natives and a tiny village.  It was then resolved that the natives should be sold off into slavery and traded for addition supplies, and so it was done.  Heraldo and his merry men then trekked further south, deep into the desert, upon which they agreed that the perfect location to start a new city had been found.  A camp was created and a messenger was dispatched back to Stettin to send for the rest of its citizens to head down to the new city.  That new city would be called Stuttgart.

 If you wish to become a citizen of Stuttgart, you must submit a citizenship application.  You will not be able to build wherever you please and will need to speak with either Tabooti, Zezenov or iGenerator to secure a place to build and submit a project application.  Most importantly here, if your building is excessively bad or very contrary to the theme of the city, or it’s in the way, or whatever, we reserve the right to tear it down.  Now we won’t just do this out of the blue, we’ll talk to you about it and work things out, but it’s very important to remember this.  

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, the sale of cocaine (sugar cane) is EXPRESSELY prohibited within Stuttgart and anyone found to have it will have their supply confiscated and face disciplinary action. (not a ban or anything but an RP punishment).

(Also follow this link, to see us from the sky!)
Click this link to see our Map!!

Want to see Stuttgart the same way the builders do?
Download our Official Stuttgart Pack here

If you intend on joining The Sovereign State of Stuttgart®, You can click on the spoiler below, and see what options you have.
You can also click the spoiler to access the application to construct a building in The Sovereign State of Stuttgart®. You are required to submit a project application (And have it approved) before you are given permission to construct your envisioned structured.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Offtopic / How about some pictures? -Computer edition!
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:13:44 am »
Post a picture of what your gaming station looks like + your rig info!

Manufacturer: Some Indian guy assembled it for me.
Processor:   Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.1GHz
Memory:   8192MB RAM
Hard Drive:   314 GB
Video Card:   ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Monitor: 55 inch LCD TV with 1920 x 1080  resolution, dynamic contrast ratio 2,000,000:1. HDMI input and output, SRS TruSurround XT.
Sound Card:   Headphones (High Definition Audio Device)
Speakers/Headphones:   Nextech model Nr.33199666
Keyboard: Some shitty one by Logitech
Mouse: R.A.T 7 Gaming mouse
Mouse Surface:   
Operating System:   Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850)
Motherboard:   ASUS: P5G41T-M LX PLUS
Computer Case:   Pentium 4 ATX Case, Model: 3020DS

General Discussion / How did you discover opticraft *Poll*
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:26:31 am »
Click whatever option! And tell us the story that comes with it, If you chose "Other" Please let us know all about it! ;)
Also, If you have any additional options, do let me know, and I'll add it to the options ;)

Here's DK's Server promotion incase you want to see it.

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