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Offtopic / Opticraft Don't Starve Together
« on: January 31, 2015, 02:32:11 am »
Like the other threads currently circulating now regarding various popular steam games, here's another i think the opticraft community might like.

Don't Starve Together is much like it sounds. It's a survival type game where you try to survive against the shadow creatures of the night and the various monsters in the world, as well try to keep your hunger, sanity and health at a decent level. Many challenges will befall your group the longer you survive. Seasons change and winter is an absolute bitch. It's quite fun and for me, it's heavily reminiscent of Minecraft survival, albeit 2d and way more challenges. It's still in Early Access so it will have a few kinks/glitches but overall it's a pretty stable game.

The game is not currently on sale, however, those who currently own the original Don't Starve game can purchase the DST: Frontier Pack at a discounted 75% off price (so it would be about $5). I might be willing to occasionally work something out with a few people ;).

Feel free to leave your steam name in the thread if you're interested in playing the game with me or any others!

Forum Games / Opticraft plays...Oregon Trail!
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:51:24 am »
So I saw this on another server's forum and I thought "hey...why don't we have any interactive games like this? It's an excellent roleplay experience". So I bring it to you, my friends. You will thank me later.

So what we're gonna do is play the original Oregon Trail game released for the Apple IIe, in a little bit of a different way. Basically what I'm gonna do is implement people's names into the game and you will all watch and comment on the progress made. I feel it'll be fun and really encourage a little roleplay into the community. You can make silly comments to your fellow travelers and either encourage/predict potential outcomes.

I will take the names of anyone who posts on this thread (more specifically those who ask for their names to be used). The names will be picked in order so everyone gets their turn. Leaders will be decided once all 5 slots have been filled. I'll probably use some kind of random name picker to decide the leader of the trip.

If for some odd reason you survive/were the healthiest in your trip, you're automatically placed on the trip next round. Because we all just want to watch you die :3.

Every time I get an update from the game regarding our journey on the trail, I will post a new picture with commentary. I will however avoid stops at landmarks and forts because there really isn't much to see there. Whenever I'm doing a journey, I'll be posting progress at random intervals throughout the day, in order to encourage some comments from you guys.

  • Comments, tips and roleplay are encouraged
  • Please respect others
  • Do not suggest others without their given permission.
  • Have fun!

Journeys so far...
Trip 0- The Lost Journey
Leader: Claw- Healthy

- IGen- Typhoid
- Salsa- Typhoid
- Wone- Healthy
- Kag- Healthy

Status: Progress Lost. Abducted by Aliens.

Trip 1
Leader: Claw- Healthy

- IGen- Dead
- Salsa- Dead
- Wone- Broken Leg
- Kag- Broken Arm, Dysentery

Status: Completed

If you don't know what Oregon Trail is, then learn about it here and buckle up because we're off on a wonderful journey! So without further ado, let's play Oregon Trail!

Past Polls

Will Salsa catch Typhoid in the first few turns? 80%(4 votes out of 5) said Probably. 1 said Doubt it.

Will Salsa EVER catch Typhoid? 60%(3 votes out of 5) said Probably. 2 said Doubt it.

Team Claw or Team Salsa? 50%(2 votes out of 4) said Team Claw. 0 said Team Salsa. 50% (2 votes out of 4) said Neither, they're both gonna get everyone killed.

Rejected / Moderator Application - DJAlphaWolf
« on: December 02, 2013, 12:27:48 am »
Age: 18
Location: Chicago, Illinois, America
Timezone: CST (UTC/GMT -6)
Join Date: SMP: in mid-february 2011. Forum: December 15, 2011
Were you recommended by anyone?: Zeradeth_
Why you should become a moderator: Today marks 6 months since I have resigned from my moderator position. I had decided then to resign for reason of fairness. I was going to be inactive a bit that summer and I needed some time to figure out things. I thought it would be unfair to be an inactive mod when so many others are rejected each mod app season, just hoping they could fill in my shoes. So I gave up my role. By several weeks, I had taken care of most of the things that were on my mind. It was a much shorter period of time than I had anticipated but perhaps it was because my mind over exaggerated what I needed to take care of. Nevertheless, I got my priorities and plans sorted out since then. I shall not delve into the details of these priorities, however.

Recently, after again adjusting my college schedule and deciding what to do in each section of free time I have per day, I have chosen to allow myself time for video games. I have recently found renewed interest in Minecraft and less interest in other games. Thus I have once again returned to my favorite community, Opticraft. With this mod app, though I have been back for a bit now, I also officially announce my return to Opticraft.

I consider myself a qualified and useful asset to the team, given my past experience as a moderator and other past staff occupations on other servers (including Opticraft Classic OP). However, I also respect that I do not know everything and like many students are compared to their teachers, I still have much to learn. Nevertheless, I do believe I can handle a position as important as Moderator. In my time, I had managed to 'learn the ropes' and assist my fellow players with tools I never had access to. I always handled my job maturely and while I do joke from time to time, I always know my limits and how to separate my professional feelings from my personal feelings. I am naturally a "talker" and therefore I enjoy talking with players to make sure they are both happy and welcome to our server. It must be noted that I am a man of "3 chances". No matter the offense, I always tried to approach a player as calmly as possible and gave them a chance to redeem themselves before giving them the ultimate punishment. However, I also know that some crimes are too far gone to "redeem" and I am definitely willing to give the ultimate punishment then. Thus, I believe I know when to be dedicated, responsible and mature when it comes to handling my job.

To address my previous lack of activity, I must say that every gamer eventually shifts in both their responsibilities and their interests. I had both lost interest in Minecraft as well as had to take care of things at home. I thought it would be best for myself to take a little break from it all. Every year, I realize that I give myself one month without Minecraft to simply take a break. I always tell myself I'm becoming a better person every day when I focus on my priorities. But everyone needs to relax sometimes as well and I have managed to find time every day to play on Minecraft.

Since my return, I am quite happy to be reunited with my community and my old friends. This community was the very first community I ever knew. It is this community with which I discovered the joys of Minecraft Multiplayer. And as always, it would be an honor and a privilege to work with Opticraft's dedicated staff team once again to assist the players of the community that defined my Minecraft experiences. No matter the outcome of my app, I will nevertheless be both a player and a helper to all those who have yet to be a part of the Opticraft experience.

And as is my sign-off on each of my applications, I hope to go above and beyond in the line of Moderator duties.

Extra Details:My play times vary but as always, I probably end up popping up at random times throughout the day. My schedule is pretty much flexible as of now (give or take a few things to take care of now and then) but it won't change too drastically next semester. I usually fill in the late night time slot, when most people sleep, but do not worry, I don't deprive myself of sleep.

General Discussion / Looking for a skinmaker
« on: September 23, 2013, 03:06:24 am »
So I like the original design of my skin (thanks to original designer, SoulKnightGT). Thus, I'd love to keep the body's design as is. However the hair and eyes are beginning to bother me. It's been a while since I've last sported thick hair and I'd like my skin to reflect me as I am currently (short hair, occasionally spiked). Therefore, I think its time my skin got a haircut.

So, I call upon the greatest skinmakers of opticraft to recreate my look. I will pay 10k to whoever brings me the most satisfying result.

Here is what you will base your creation off of:

So ya, just need a haircut and maybe an eye change :D. If you need anything else, just ask.

Rejected / Moderator Application- DJAlphaWolf
« on: August 20, 2013, 07:27:12 am »
Age: 18
Location: Chicago, Illinois, America
Timezone: CST (UTC/GMT -6)
Join Date: SMP: in mid-february 2011. Forum: December 15, 2011
Were you recommended by anyone?: Zeradeth_,Crippnfeet, Felix_De_Kat
Why you should become a moderator: I was a moderator a few months back, until I had decided to resign this summer. I needed some time to figure my life out and just have a break from the gaming world for a while. I had turned 18 this summer and celebrated with friends and family. I also applied for classes at my local community college. I hung out for the last time with friends going away to college in other states and some I will probably not see for a while. But yeah, this summer I organized my priorities. And only recently, (a week or so ago), I have returned once again to the gaming world. I have returned to my old MMO before minecraft (Maplestory) but I also feel like a part of me still belongs in Opticraft. Now that I have more time and a somewhat, more organized schedule, I'd like to help out the community as a staff member again. And so, I apply once again to be a part of the Opticraft SMP staff team.

I consider myself pretty qualified for the staff position on the SMP staff team, though that it is up to the admins to decide. Being a Classic Operator on Opticraft Classic, Manager (after Operator, under Admin) on another unrelated server, and my 4 month run as an Opticraft SMP Moderator have shaped my experience in dealing with guests. I've never really been much of a player though. As a person, I am naturally charismatic, funny, friendly and talkative. I love talking to people and I especially love helping people out with their problems. Therefore, leadership roles such as being a mod on a server have always been pretty attractive to me. And even though I like to crack a joke every now and then, I know when to be dedicated, responsible and mature when it comes to my job.

In my time as moderator on Opti SMP, I had developed a love for the position. The fact that I could undo the grief that plagues the community daily and help them with difficult problems that I never had the necessary tools to deal with, gave me immense satisfaction. Though I am also an Opticraft Classic Operator, I had always revered the SMP staff team. Not only were they role models in the community, but they also handled much more complex issues and problems than I had ever dealt with as a classic operator.

As I've said in my first mod app and elsewhere, one important fact you should know about me is that I don't build that often. Almost never really. I much rather enjoy talking to people or helping them out. Therefore, I can safely declare that 90% of my time when I'm online will be spent dedicated to doing my duty as a mod and even some extra work on the side (i.e. fixing random grief). Every opportunity I have been given to be a leader anywhere, whether a server moderator on a minecraft server or a guild leader in another game, I have vowed to myself to be quick and responsive to my fellow members. I will drop whatever I'm doing to help my fellow members.

To address my lack of activity in recent times, I haven't been on because I've been busy dealing with life this summer. I can promise however, that I'll be on a lot more if I get accepted. The thing is, I have mostly lost interest in the minecraft game but I still have interest in Opticraft. I'll be honest when I say that besides for being a mod, I had no other significant interest in playing Minecraft. But, do not worry, I am still a part of this community and I will always pop in to say hello. The point, however, is that being a mod is really everything to me in Opticraft. Without it, I feel out of place. If I were to be accepted once again, I hope to go above and beyond in my duties as SMP Moderator.

Extra details: I am currently, as I write this application, on vacation in Florida. I will be here for another 4 days. At night, I usually have the time to do whatever I want, though I must also make sure to have enough time for sleep. Even when I am on my laptop, the hotel wifi isn't always the most reliable.

Also, school is starting up soon (August 26th). While I do have a schedule of my day to know when is best to log on, it is worth noting that I won't always be on every day, depending on what is to come from my homework/studying. Just thought I'd give a heads up.

Finally, I will be managing active gameplay between Maplestory and Minecraft and schoolwork all at the same time.

My playing times are usually spread out throughout the day but I can probably play late night shifts most.

Trade Central / 2 God Picks!
« on: April 24, 2013, 08:56:30 am »
So I've got 2 picks for y'all. The bidding begins now!

Item: Diamond Pickaxe
Enchantment(s):Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V
Level Enchanted On: Level 30 and Level 31
Starting Price: 5k
Price Increase:500
Buyout Price:20k
End Of Auction: April 27, 2013 11:59 pm CST or when bought out.

Item: Diamond Pickaxe
Enchantment(s): Unbreaking III, Efficiency V, Silk Touch I
Condition: Perfect
Level Enchanted On: Level 30, Level 21
Starting Price: 5k
Price Increase:500
Buyout Price:20k
End Of Auction: April 27, 2013 11:59 pm CST or when bought out.

Forum Games / Post the Most Creative IGN's You've Seen!
« on: April 22, 2013, 07:49:02 am »
The title says it all. Post the craziest, funniest, most creative IGN's you've seen on Opticraft.

I'll start:

Creativity: hammysandwhich (ya that's right...i used a moderator...i love his name...deal with it)

Rejected / Moderator Application- DJAlphaWolf
« on: January 31, 2013, 01:35:47 am »
Age: 17
Location: Illinois, America
Timezone: CST (UTC/GMT -6)
Join Date:SMP: in mid-february 2011. Forum: December 15, 2011
Were you recommended by anyone?: GirlLuvzerMac, Techdude98, TheRealFamous
Why you should become a moderator: I have always had a love of helping people. Ever since I joined Classic, it was my goal to become a member of classic staff (which i eventually achieved). When I had the privelege of being able to join SMP back in February, I loved it. SMP, in my days, was a great experience, with wonderful memories and wonderful staff. I looked up to the staff here the same way I looked up to the staff on classic. However, I always felt that SMP staff had a stronger role in the community. They handled much more complex issues and problems than was given on classic. For that, I regarded them with utmost respect. As a fledgling trusted back in February, I did my best to support the staff by handing out water and lighting portals. I usually did these things in the absence of mods, but in times of extreme busyness, I was allowed to help out with the minor problems. At one point, I was so caught up in SMP that I almost forgot about my roots in classic. I became an active member on classic again through time and had left SMP. But I began to miss my days helping guests on SMP. Soon enough, I had rejoined the SMP community and made many new friends. I still feel I could contribute to the community and so I have been very active for the past few months. Since these months, I have learned to balance my love for SMP and for Classic. And I try to be on both as much as I possibly can.

You see.....I've never really been much of a player. As a person, I am naturally charismatic, funny, friendly and talkative. I love talking to people and I especially love helping people out with their problems. So it shouldn't be surprising that leadership roles such as being on the staff team were in my mindset. I have in the past 2-3 months become a more active member on SMP. With the lack of activity on classic, my job isn't as exciting as it used to be. I, nevertheless, continue to enjoy my job and do the best at it. I feel that I can balance both jobs along with my academics very well.

Some facts that you should know about me is that I've never really been that interested in building, but I'd much rather enjoy the occasional mining or helping people out. I have observed past moderators (not on the staff team currently) and have noticed that some tended to not focus on the guest in need but on what they were currently doing. As I did on classic, I vowed to be quick and responsive to my fellow opticrafters. I will always drop whatever I am doing or talking about to go help someone in need of me. And I promise to do the same if I were promoted to Moderator.

I feel I could contribute my experience as an Operator on Classic Opticraft and Operator on a server elsewhere to the position of Moderator on SMP. I have much experience in handling guests and I am a very patient, and calm person with them. Though I can be quite the jokester, I find myself extremely dedicated, responsible and mature when it comes to my job. I hope to go above and beyond and prove I am worthy of Moderator, if I were accepted.

Extra details: I am an active member of the community and try to be on as much as I can after school. This is however, my senior year of high school, and I won't always be on 24/7. I have many responsibilities and homework to handle, so I apologize if I am not there for 1 day a week. But I can assure you, I can be on for at least 2-3 hours a day for at least 5 to 6 days a week. I am setting a time goal of at least 20-25 hours a week but I can do more than that if need be.

Even so, I will try my absolute best to be on more than I promised. Some nights I have been known to stay up late playing Minecraft. So i can probably squeeze in a few hours on late night shifts. :)

Suggestions / Voting on Planet Minecraft
« on: December 20, 2012, 06:07:24 am »
Hello fellow opticrafters.

So i know that we already have 4 voting sites and those are the most reliable and most viewed sites. But I thought I would suggest just one more.

I am suggesting we advertise on planet minecraft. The difference between planet minecraft and most voting sites is that other voting sites require certain fees to be a featured server on their list. The great thing about planet minecraft is that it runs on votes, favorites and diamonds (rather than just votes and payments). Now diamonds are a relatively new concept to the 'voting site game'.

You have all heard the phrase "Diamonds are forever". On planet minecraft, thats especially true. Diamonds are like 1-time votes that appear on the server's page forever (until someone takes it back off).

Favorites should be pretty self explanatory xD.

The combination of favoriting the page once, diamonding it once and voting daily (before it resets at the end of the month) help put the server up higher on the list. Now with all the vast competition out there on the site, we might not be number 1...But that does not mean we won't be visited by many curious guests.

Long explanation short. Planet Minecraft is a very popular site that is viewed by many MineCrafters. It is free to upload the server. And although it does not feature special payments (at least that im aware of) to give us a boost in our competition, I am confident in us as a community, to be able to gather tons of votes, diamonds and favorites getting us up on top.

Trade Central / DJ's Auction for Diamond Sword
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:41:57 am »
Subject: Diamond Sword

Item: Diamond Sword
Enchantment(s): Smite IV, KnockBack II, Fire Aspect II, Looting III
Condition: Unused
Level Enchanted On: 30
Starting Price: $5,000
Price Increase: $500
Buyout Price: $30,000
End Of Auction: 12/15/12 at 11:59 pm

Notes: The Auction will remain up for 1 week before the winner is declated

Offtopic / DJ's One Year Anniversary Achievement!
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:34:38 am »
Today I reach an important acheivement. Exactly one year ago today, on December 6th 2011, I stumbled upon Opticraft's Classic Server and my adventures on this incredible server began...

Opticraft Classic was my first classic server, my first Minecraft server overall (SMP and Classic) and the first of our two servers (Opticraft SMP and Opticraft Classic) that I had joined. The moment I joined Classic that day, I officially joined the Opticraft community.

I don't think i can ever forget all of the memories, the adventures, the laughs, the friends, the builds and Opticraft in general. There are far too many of each of those things to count :P.

This server has heavily impacted my life and I never would have imagined I'd get so far into the community as being an Operator (even if only on classic). Opticraft has taught me so many valuable lessons both in life and in fun. It's just been an incredible overall adventure...

I probably would have never imagined I'd be a member of the community for so long but I have....and I have been dedicated ever since that day. I hope to maintain my dedication in future years to the best of my time and ability. I hope to one day be able to say "I've been part of this incredible community for 5 years". What else can there be to say but: thank you Opticraft.

P.S: Roughly 5 days from now will be also be my forum anniversary as I joined the forums Dec 11, 2011.

Thank you all for reading! ;D

Offtopic / Announcing the Successor to the Super Recruit Title!
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:39:06 am »
Ladies and Gentlemen, as many of you know, I have recently acquired the rank of Classic Operator. I had worked hard to achieve this rank and I have been and will continue to do my best at my job. I love being one and hope to help new players succeed in their aspirations as well as protect them from the destructive nature of griefers.

However, because of my recent promotion, I do not feel it would be right for me to hold one long held title anymore. The title of Super Recruit. I achieved it just several months ago and it was a part of me. I was recognized by the community as none other but that title. I do not believe I am the only Super Recruit out there and I am sure that there were once a plethora of us. I believe recent inactivity on the server has caused the majority of the Super Recruits to disappear and virtually remove the concept from existence. Occassionally, a Super Recruit comes back to visit our server and I wish I could have met the others. I’m sure I still will someday. But as of now, I believe my promotion marks a time of succession. I pity the thought of the title disappearing in history. I want it to live on in the future generations of Opticraft Classic, for as long as the server shall remain.

But just what exactly is a Super Recruit, you might ask yourselves?

It is a “decorative” title of prestige that is metaphorically awarded to any recruit of the community who has shown their dedication to both their rank and their server. A title awarded to those few recruits who chose to remain recruits rather than pursue the rank of builder. A title awarded to the most active and dedicated of all recruits. A title awarded to those few recruits who bravely prove that building is not the only way to succeed in their community; dedication is the other way.

This is my vision of the meaning of the Super Recruit title.

And so, in order to begin a new tradition, I shall pass down my long-held title to a recruit I feel has most fulfilled the requirements I seek in a successor. A recruit of such purpose and dedication to the server, I would feel it an injustice if they were not awarded this title.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, what you all have been waiting for. I officially pass down the Super Recruit title to a very worthy recruit. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new Super Recruit:


Miss Zelda, I hope you can handle the title responsibly and pass it down when you feel your time has come to pass it down, just as I have officially done today. I wish you luck in your adventures as a Super Recruit.

And to everyone else reading, I thank you all for reading and witnessing this historic succession. Everyone may feel free to congratulate her if they wish to.



Suggestions / Bringing back SMP IRC
« on: November 01, 2012, 08:03:22 pm »
So this is a pretty old suggestion that resurfaces every few months by various players. But i felt the need to be the one who brings back the suggestion this time. It's been many, many months since the Tgar plugin (i think thats what it was called) went down and basically stopped our IRC to In-Game connection. I think its about time we consider bringing SMP IRC back. Would be nice for me to spy on the SMP community, and give classic players, who don't own the game but who use IRC, a glimpse into the world of SMP.

As a classic regular, I still advocate for an SMP IRC. For both the SMP community and the Classic community to be on.

Reading through many of the previous SMP IRC threads, it seems that the IRC was at low priority at that time. It probably still is, but I'm actually curious how long it will remain there and if we have any updates on it whatsoever.

So please respond with your opinions and any possible updates on its progress.

Offtopic / Kodak's Birthday Today.
« on: August 26, 2012, 09:20:50 pm »
So as the title suggests, it's kodak's birthday. Decided to make a big deal out of it because thats what friends do.

Happy Bday Kodak!

Here's a cake.

Offtopic / If there was an opticraft movie....
« on: July 30, 2012, 04:58:54 pm »
If you could clash any existing movie titles with anything Opticraft-related (the server, Operators, friends, etc.), what would it be called?

Example: Revenge of the Griefers (Revenge of the Nerds)

If you would like, you may also add a short plot or slogan, however this is optional.

Example: "They've been banned. They've been ridiculed. But now, they've come back!".

Yes the above examples are lame....but lets see what you guys can make.

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