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Rejected / Operator Application - _WindowCleaner_
« on: April 26, 2015, 08:00:40 am »
In-game name: _WindowCleaner_
Age: 13
Location: New Zealand
Timezone: UTC+12:00
Join Date: 05-04-2015
Were you recommended by any staff?: .-. no xD
Why you should become an Operator: Although I'm young, and 'new-ish', I believe I have some valuable traits that you may be looking for in up-coming Operators. Firstly, I'm friendly! I have a genuine kindness and politeness to most people. I welcome 'newbies' and greet those who log back in. Secondly, I have had past experience. On a previous server I played on, I started at Rookie (default rank) and worked my way up to Admin. It was a small server (like this one! :D) and I felt I brought a friendly, positive vibe to it. Thirdly, I know talent when i see it! I would love to judge the new guest's builds, and be able to promote them to recruit! Lastly, I really do enjoy this server. From the moment I first joined, I fell in-love, from the kind players, to friendly staff! It would be a pleasure to be able to work with the other Operators and staff, and of course rid the server of meanies! :D Please take my application into consideration, And thanks!

Rejected / Builder Application - _WindowCleaner_
« on: April 10, 2015, 04:15:07 am »
Ingame name: _WindowCleaner_
Join date: 05-04-2015

Briefly describe all your creations: Villager with wall/mountain surrounding it - with houses and stores inside. Some Pixel arty type stuff.

What world/s are the creations on: Recruit6 (/home _WindowCleaner_:minecraft/recruit)
Links to screenshots of the creation:http: //imgur.com/iHfXtVt  http://imgur.com/7YpbQYL  http://imgur.com/JsbnAk1  http://imgur.com/lGvKMRr  http://imgur.com/IDg5mij http://imgur.com/USYLpcy http://imgur.com/rolwsfu http://imgur.com/7XhT1s5 http://imgur.com/sq82127

Names of players who helped contribute: Don't know if this counts but, Doctor_Black slightly modified my roof design, and I agreed it looked better.

Extra (Anything else you want to mention): Some would say I only have 1 building style, but I was going for depth in detail. So if this is rejected, I can try some more! :D (I also would like to do more Pixel art)

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