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Ban Appeals / -benn apple-
« on: August 30, 2014, 05:31:52 pm »
whatmyname told me to

hello lads i got band for sum reson and idk why but is sux
all i do is fuckn talk in da chat and mi frend gets mutd an sum shit
to sum dis up i wana gte dis ban liftd for i play wit frends
ps alice grefed my gref (mi own hoase)

pss i talk to kim jon un and obama so we sort somthing out pece out 5eva lads


Projects and Creations / My Humble Abode
« on: July 29, 2014, 04:08:42 pm »
I like the word humble, okay?
/home AnGamePlayer

So, I'm making this house. It's based off another house on YouTube and I'm almost finished with the exterior, needing to do the back of the house, fireplace, and roof. So, uh, thought I'd mention it to you guys.

I will update with screenshots while I go through with this construction. ^-^
UPDATE: Completed (pretty much) the exterior! All is left is the chimney, and not part of the house is a designed fountain (if you count that)!
UPDATE: 31/07/14-House is completed! Updated main post with pictures of the house, interior and exterior. The exterior picture is only one and theres quite a bit around there. You can scan around and check out the house (I'll most likely unlock the doors).

(click to show/hide)
these need resizing jesus christ
nuh uh -iGen
Inspiration House


Offtopic / What are you doing in Opticraft?
« on: July 29, 2014, 11:29:14 am »
Hey guys! AnGame here. Today I felt like starting a topic called "What are you doing", basically all you need to do is just write down what you are currently doing in Opticraft. It could be such as this: what projects you're working on/beginning; finding a biome; trying to drown yourself with the squids... you decide! :)

I'll start!: Currently finding a decent grass biome to begin my new house! ^-^

Introductions / My Humble Entrance
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:07:52 pm »
Hey! I'm known as AnGamePlayer in game on Minecraft! (just call me AnGame or Game)

I'm relatively new to Minecraft, already knowing a lot about it and not stopping playing it. I also don't have a life, a girlfriend, or a decent computer to have more of a nolife. I'm also attempting my own take on a texture pack, but it isn't going too well. I'm open for tips... :P
I am interested in a couple of things, mostly relative to being a nolife, such as:

~Investing in a decent computer for smallest performance improvement in games, maybe being able to get games and actually run them.
~Architecture. Currently studying this, and hoping to get a good job in it. That's probably the main reason for my attraction to this game, anything decent to plan, gather resources for, and build! ^-^
~Getting a mic, webcam etc. and maybe starting the "YouTube" thing some people may know about.
~YouTube channels such as GattacaAE (where are you  :( ), Keralis, and other great modern builders like MrFruitTree and other notable names.
Looking forward to meeting you! ~AnGame ^-^

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