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Support / Terrain Dispute
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:57:26 am »
I noticed yesterday that someone started a town just above my main base

I do not mind the neighbours, but i'd like to ask if the road, bridge and that stone brick tower be removed. I liked to go out and walk around the place and the bridge is just in front of the surface exit of my home. the tower is too just to the right and it's just a huge stone square pillar.

I tried to talk to the four of them but all of them have ignored me as of now.

I have most of my stuff here, and I dont want to relocate everything.

Edit: Had a chat with Solis13. As expected, it didn't go too well. I think i'll have to resign and just leave it be.

Discussion forum / The most efficient equipment for PvP?
« on: November 25, 2013, 07:35:20 pm »
So I've seen a lot of 'god' equipment, but what i see is mostly is 'Let's put every enchant we can on everything' without regard to repairability. I don't do pvp, so I'm just seeing this from a mechanics standpoint

For example, a bow with all 5 possible enchants. Power 5 (useful), Punch 2 (mostly useful), Flame (mostly useful), Infinity (could be ignored, see below), and unbreaking3 (arguably wasteful). If we put everything in it, the base repair value for the bow is a whopping 52 levels plus whatever it'd take to repair it. So after you took so much effort to make, your bow will be one use and when it eventually breaks (after about a thousand uses thanks to unbreaking) you'd have to start again from zero. Even then, if you use it and you lose it to someone else all the effort would be in vain.

For infinity, you need to carry at least one arrow and if carry one you can carry a full stack. With a skelly farm, arrows are practically infinite themselves so it's not too much of a problem. Besides, in a normal encounter i suppose you wont be using a stack of arrows in one go. Just taking infinity from a bow will drop the base value by 13 levels, bringing it down to 39 levels (still too costly).

To drop it further down, let's take a look at unbreak3. If we take it completely, it'd drop another 16 levels dropping the base value to 23 leaving a full bow repair for about 27 levels, a somewhat ok amount. But, for a use amount equal to the whole unbreak 3 it'd take 27*3+12(for repair penalties) for a 101 levels in three sessions. If you name it, it'd take 108-135 levels, but further repairs would be cheaper (But if you logout with it in inventory it'd lose it's name wasting levels). I'm not sure, but this might be less than the cost for making a new 'god' bow.

TL;DR: A Pow5, Flame1, Punch2 might be better that the full equip. Not sure yet.

I don't know the most used enchants for armor, but i think that two prot4, one proj.prot4, and one fire prot.4 with two pieces with thorns3 are a good setup. Problem is, thorns is very expensive to repair and mixing it with non-vainilla protection is very costly for repairs.

As I read on the wiki (haven't tested it myself) Unbreaking enchants on armor have diminishing returns the more powerful the enchant. So an unbreak3 will last only about 25% more than an unbreak1. If you are going to put unbreaking on armor, it might be a good idea to use unbreak1 unless it's the thorns one where it will render your armor mostly unrepairable.

A sharpness5, knockback2, flame2 has 23 levels base value. adding unbreak3 will push it to 39.

Not much else for now,

Thanks for reading!

User Events / Fishing Tournament {after 1.7 bukkit release}
« on: November 21, 2013, 08:18:58 pm »
I talked about it in-game, but it's been a while and bukkit is still progressing towards its 1.7 update. So before I forget about it I'll post it here.

The 1.7 update has updated some fishing mechanics so now we can fish not only the generic fish but also pufferfish, salmon, treasure, etc. With this in mind and with the 1.7 update and new world coming i was thinking we should make a fishing tourney (and some other festivities) for the upcoming upgrade.

Rules and Scoring system
I haven't thought much about how to grade the different tiers, but I'll put it here as i go. Firstly, the tournament will be at least 30min long and everything you catch within this time will count towards your score. After some time or at the end of the tourney, you'll put your catch in the chest provided where two (or more) judges will take note of your catch. For score grading, I was thinking that with enough people, fish and treasure could be graded by catching rarity and give a point to each rarity tier to be decided after the tourney finished. (At least, that's the easiest way to do. But it will take time to grade everyone)

The place is not yet decided, but i was thinking that either my normal /home (taking the cacti off) or a temp home at my torii would work as both are surrounded by ocean. If it rains, i'd go for the torii area. Otherwise at my /home. I'm open to suggestions so if you've got an uber fishing place post it here or send me a msg in-game.

As Bukkit hasn't released their ETA i can't say when this is going to happen, but for now I think that the weekend after it releases (minimum 5 days after release) is good so the new-world-frenzy is over and for me to prepare some 1.7 related prizes.

Most prizes will be, of course, fishing related. I'll put some enchanted fishing rods for the first, second, and third (depending on participation, maybe even further down).
Another thing i was thinking about is that we could make it in scoring order to have a pick of the pool of everyone's catch. So first picks one/two items, then second, third, etc. This way even low scoring people can get some of the new stuff and not just go back with empty hands.
Or it could be just to take back what you caught. I want some opinions on this area.

Looking for Judges
As i mentioned before, I'll need at least one more person to judge and help with the tournament. Preferably a mod or a trusted member. If you're interested, please post your application here. :)

There are many things that might have to be decided by everyone so please post your opinions or another ideas you might have. :)

Thanks for reading!

Introductions / Hello! Bakanando here
« on: November 21, 2013, 06:24:19 pm »
Hi everyone! I finally realized why my password wasn't working  :P

I started playing minecraft around the 31 of august and about two weeks later (just a bit after the iron market update) i joined opti because of my brother and a friend who play here. I have to thank both of them because i really like the server and the community that is strong and amicable even if it's somewhat smaller than before.

I'm from central america, but i've been identified as asian a lot.  :P I speak some japanese and lived there for a couple of years. I love anime and manga (I'm reading/watching Genshiken right now), but dont know that many. My favorite colors are dark hues of blue and I'm building a gigantic Torii at the southeastern corner of the Guest world (not yet finished, but you can see it from space the live map)

See you in game!
宜しくお願いします m(_ _)m


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