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Offtopic / Who's more Narcissistic?
« on: June 10, 2015, 09:44:08 am »
K so I need to clear this out before my camp dies.  Basically vote on who you think is more Narcissistic and who you think is a better God.

Accepted Operator Apps / Operator Application - Pimkey5
« on: April 25, 2015, 02:41:05 am »
In-game name: Pimkey5
Age: 14 (in May)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Timezone: UTC+10
Join Date: I joined SMP July 11, 2013 and Creative around August/September 2014
Were you recommended by any staff?: 100penguin tribalturtle, Matthius
Why you should become an Operator:

I have played on the server for a while now, meaning I know quite a few people and I am familiar with the rules and the way the server runs. I've noticed though that there aren't any staff that come onto the server when I am usually on probably because of the different timezones and such where people are either sleeping or at school.

I think I'd be reasonably reliable as I am able to come on for about 2 - 4 hours a day and I am willing to help all opticraft players when ever they are in need of help. All in all I think that I'd be quite helpful as I'm on the server every day and I'm pretty sure I won't be leaving any time soon.

Thank you for your consideration : )

General Discussion / Island DeathMatch (Built from mumble chat :P)
« on: January 10, 2015, 12:33:49 am »
So there was a mumble chat where basically we chose teams for if we were trapped on an island.
I was really bored so I thought why not make a small island for it?
Since we all have different time zones I thought I might make a certain time and date for everyone in the chat to come on and play it?

So if your name is in this please reply with the timezone and day you think you'd be able to go on.

Thanks :D

Offtopic / Happy Birthday Matt!
« on: January 04, 2015, 09:49:28 pm »
Another Staff members birthday!

Wish Matt a great birthday everyone =PP

Rejected / Moderator Application- pimkey5
« on: November 26, 2014, 07:51:56 am »
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Timezone: AEST
Join Date: July 11, 2013
Were you recommended by anyone?: As far as I'm concerned nope.
Why you should become a moderator:
As you may know I have been playing this server for over a year and think that I know the rules quite well by now. I am on minechat everyday before school and after, meaning if someone is needing help I can try my best to jump on and help.
My six weeks holidays are approaching meaning I will have over a month to play feely on the server and help out. I do live in Australia which does have an extremely different timezone to America and the UK which are places that I am aware of taht many people on the server live in, this means that when I am usually on in the afternoons, there is not as many people and staff on.
I may not be accepted but I don't mind, Goodluck to all other people applying.

-pimkey ~~

Offtopic / Funny Screenshots?
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:44:11 am »
ok so i have a lot of funny screenshots and thought maybe a lot of other people do to! so basically just post ur screenshots on this topic

some of my favourites:

Offtopic / Upcoming Projects?
« on: May 17, 2014, 07:21:21 am »
So, im not sure if this has already been done but ehhh.

any upcoming projects? anything you are going to make soon or have made, post here :)

Forum Games / Guess the Lie
« on: May 03, 2014, 10:10:18 am »
So basically u write 3 things about yourself but only 1 is true.
 I'll start.

1.I play acoustic guitar
2. I play Basketball
3. I play softball

Guess the lie then do your own (this is kind of like 2 lies 2 truths just didn't want to necropost so i made my own)

Introductions / Hey its pimkey5 :P
« on: April 29, 2014, 07:41:55 am »
Erm, hi heres some facts about me.

I am an SMP Trusted

I'm a girl, lot's of people think i'm a guy so bare this in mind.

I love fashion although I'm not obsessed with looks XD i'm kinda a half tom-boy  ::)

I play BasketBall on a local team and really enjoy it and since i'm quite tall i'd love to learn to dunk  ;)

In my spare time I usually draw things, I usually do portraits of people.

My favourite colour is blue no reason why, I just like it :P

When I grow up I hope to become a fashion designer, Author, or Artist.

I am from Australia so um dont mind if I spell things different to you guys  :P

Hope to see you all in-game sometime soon baiiii

Offtopic / The Mark Of Enceladus (first 2 chapters)
« on: April 28, 2014, 04:20:42 am »
So uh here's the first 2 chapters of my story I made, its not great but then again I aint an Author. Hope you like it :)

14 more days. 14 more days until my soul is reaped
Leo's promise kept ringing in my ears. Replaying itself over and over again.
'I will come back for you. You won't die, I promise.'
It was a wishful promise, but very impractical. No man could ever find Daedalus's workshop . Yet alone survive the dangerous challenges of the Pan's Labyrinth especially in this time as Gaeas minions the giants are awake and trying to free her, But a tiny voice in the back of my head kept urging me to listen insisting that he could find it, saying If anyone can find Daedalus's lair Leo can. He'll find a way.
I really hoped so. I couldn't bear to find out he was dead even more than I couldn't bear knowing I was going to have my soul reaped in 14 days by stupid Enceladus one of the giants.
These thoughts kept running through my head when I heard a roaring shout coming from behind me.
"BLASTING HALF-BLOODS" that was most definately Enceladus.
"You just want to stay here and watch us both die?! Daedalus! isn't there anything you can do?! Your'e all powerful and stuff, do somthing?!" I screamed.
"This was not my intention. As mystifying as it may sound I have no control here in my own workshop."
I sighed and murmured to myself "I really hope Leo makes it."

Her calm blue eyes... Her soft brown hair... Her Intellegance, she's everything i ever wanted. I will find her again. I don't care If I have to fight that giant myself to gain her love again, I will save her.
It's been 2 days since I had Iris-Messaged Cressida, It was a horrible sight. She was tighed to a pole and her face was covered in cuts. It was a horrible sight, a horrifying face was in the background but paid no attention to me nor her. His face was pale white, he had black shoulder-length hair braided with bones, and his eyes were blood red. Cressida had told me that she was trapped in the labyrinth in Daedalus's workshop,The heart of the Labyrinth. Cressida had insisted for me to stay at camp, she said no man has ever found Daedalus's Worlshop before but I refused to leave her. I wasn't going to leave  her to die. If I was going to die, i'd rather die fighting for her.
I've been in the Labyrinth for a day now, and let me tell you, it's not a place you'd want to be in. Full of traps and pathways that either lead to certain death or another pathway. I didn't care. All I could think about was Cressida's beautiful face, how could I be so dumb to let her go on her quest alone?! All of this had happened because i refused to go with her, because i was a coward, now I need to set things right.

Rejected / Moderator Application-pimkey5
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:30:56 am »
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Timezone: AEST
Join Date: July 11, 2013
Were you recommended by anyone?: no
Why you should become a moderator:
When I first started playing on the server back in July, Yes I was a total noob, but as I got more familiar with the server I have found it to be quite fun. I obey the rules of the server and try to help out as much as i can whether it be helping people with builds, giving some advice etc. Most of the time I am on Opticraft is around 3pm (My time) and there are usually barely any staff on.
I'm not going to talk about myself anymore, if you would like to judge me judge me in-game.

Yours Sincerely

General Discussion / Top 50 Voters Link?
« on: February 19, 2014, 05:23:53 am »
uh so i was wondering is there a link to the list of top voters for the month
like for example
a list of the top 50 voters of the month or something?

Ban Appeals / [Pew1998] xXBubbleGummXx Ban Appeal
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:33:27 am »
My Ban Appeal i'm using pimkey5's account though

- Did you break any of the rules? yes i did i stupidly broke the no advertising rule
- Did you grief another players work? No i did not
- Did you swear excessively? No
- Did you upset an operator/ moderator or cause general disrespect to other members/ players on the server? No
- Did you draw hateful symbols or say hateful remarks? No

The Reason I was banned was because I was being stupid and forgot about the no advertising rule and started saying join Don't Advertise for more fun!
I think I was really dumb to do this and hope that you accept this Ban Appeal I will try my hardest not to do this again :) thank you so much for taking your time to read this and please accept my apology :)

- xXBubbleGummXx

Projects and Creations / Horse Racing /home MyCookie2003
« on: January 05, 2014, 09:57:43 am »
 ;D I am very Happy to announce that after lots of planning thanks to MyCookie2003[/font], king_prankstar and I we are officially opening our new horse racing track!

Have your own horse in my town? you can enter it to race!
Need to hire a horse for 1 race? hire one for $5 from our hiring booth!
We have Food and Drinks at the course to!
Have your eye on a horse that you think will win the race? why not bet some money on it winning!
The horse that you betted on winning won? you get your money back and either $10 more or a stack of wheat or bread!
You are the Jockey and you won the race? You get a special prize!

Any More questions? message me (pimkey5) or MyCookie2003 in-game or just reply to this post

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