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Accepted / Crafter Application - Tiggy26668
« on: February 23, 2018, 04:02:53 am »
Join Date: IDK childhood?
Briefly describe all your builds through the Builder Tiers:
I suppose technically I've only built one thing on this version of Opticraft and it's a cathedral with a giant flying snake, or sock puppet if you ask claw
Coordinates/plot number of each build: /j tiggy26668
Links to screenshots of your builds:
Extra (Anything else you want to mention):
Cathedrals best viewed at night since the whole point of the build was playing with the stair/slab lighting bug

Here's a link to all the stuff I've made on previous versions of Opticraft

I forgot how time consuming it is to build without brushes  :-\

Discussion / AFK Box Wall of Shame
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:29:50 pm »
Seeing as this was lost to the old forums I'm just gonna restart it here

First victim is Lucidlove for afking to close

Support / Ranks and How To Get Them
« on: January 01, 2018, 05:23:10 pm »
Sticky of the new ranks and how to get them?

Guest - All new players start here
     - has access to 1 home
     - cannot place lava
Member - Play on server for 2 hours (requires relog)
     - has access to 2 homes
     - cannot place lava
Resident - Play until a vague non specific goal is met (requires relog) (best guess: 15hrs played)
     - has access to 3 homes
     - cannot place lava
Citizen - Play until a vague non specific goal is met (requires relog)
     - has access to 4 homes
     - can place lava?
Veteran - Play until a vague non specific goal is met (requires relog)
     - has access to 5 homes
     - can place lava?
Moderator - Apply on forums (requirements ??)
Operator - Apply on forums (requires Moderator ??)
Admin - Lots of dedication
Owner - Good Luck!/Go make a server!

Accepted Crafter Apps / Crafter Application - Tiggy26668
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:53:03 am »
Ingame name:Tiggy26668
Join date: a long time ago
Briefly describe all your creations: well on the creative server so far we got a cat thingy, a space ship and an island turtle?
What world/s are the creations on: guest1/recruit1?/builder1
Links to screenshots of the creation:
space ship
island turtle
Extra (Anything else you want to mention):Here's everything else I've made that I could find a screenshot for

Suggestions / make minecarts recruit/builder+ to use
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:37:00 pm »
so just logged on, was laggy as all hell. decided to go to guest world, griefed to shit (no surprise there) but they also spammed stacks of minecarts causing a hella ton of lag which me and the other 2 non staffers are trying to clear up so at least we can move around seeing as there's no staff available at the time of this writing.

point being guests shouldn't have access to minecarts to prevent this happening again

Suggestions / I can haz /effect nao plz?
« on: September 13, 2014, 01:28:48 pm »
potions suck, their duration sucks, them taking up a spot on my bar where i could have another building block sucks....

inconvenient and terrible concept

ya know what would be cool? if there was some kinda /effect command that let my apply a potion for any duration  ;)

luckily vanilla creative minecraft comes equipped with just such a command!

unfortunately we currently don't have access to it......

i'm suggesting we should....

recruit/builder perk maybe?

arg1: "it's creative we don't need potions"
resp1: nightvision..... turns out building in the dark sucks, and spamming a night vision pot that lasts for an unreliable amount of time and takes up a spot in my inventory sucks....

arg2: "just donate for /ptime"
resp2: turns out the sun doesn't work underground.....

arg3: "just use a potion"
resp3: time consuming, annoying, takes up a spot i could have a building block, disrupt my creative flow, and there's a perfectly good vanilla creative mc command that allows me to apply an effect for any length of time avoiding this hindrance entirely, just need access to it

arg4: "we could make /effect a donation"
resp4: while i have nothing against supporting the server, it's a vanilla command and charging for vanilla things is iffy at the moment

arg5: "just download a hacked/modded client with perma brightness"
resp5: yea... doable but there's a convenient command built into mc already that saves me researching and downloading some sketchy 3rd party tool.....

arg6: "people will apply too long of an effect and be stuck with it requiring constant intervention"
resp6: drinking milk removes potion effects, also setting the /effect time to 0 or /effect clear will remove it.

arg7: "i know adjust your monitor settings so the brightness and gamma are really high!"
resp7: lol... no

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ questions/comments/concerns/(and hopefully approval)\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Accepted Builder Apps / Builder Application - Tiggy26668
« on: August 30, 2014, 12:34:57 am »
Ingame name: Tiggy26668
Join date: classic, smp, or creative? lol
Briefly describe all your creations: catdogfoxratdragon, and spaceship
What world/s are the creations on: first one guest, second on recruit
Links to screenshots of the creation:

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Names of players who helped contribute: N/A
Extra (Anything else you want to mention): I can haz builder nao plz?

General Discussion / AFK Box Wall of Shame
« on: August 25, 2014, 07:15:11 pm »
The Wall of Shame is where you post pictures of people whom you've managed to catch in the dreaded AFK box.
Post pictures of people you've managed to catch below  ;D


Project name: Hadn't really gotten that far

location (Live map link, coordinates, not biome, include world name):
*note* due to the fact that the map plugin hasn't updated for the new dark oak block, it's just a giant ominous shadow
here's a quick in game picture of it
(click to show/hide)
though it would be easier to understand what it looks like by viewing it at my /home temp

Mayor (Only one - this is the zone owner): tiggy26668

Approximate dimensions: 500ish x 400ish blocks
this is the area i want to protect
(click to show/hide)

Number of completed, decorated and furnished buildings:
well there's a giant tree which I've started putting the upper branches on, not really sure how many buildings that counts as.....

What state is the project in, and what are your plans for its future, if any:
the project is in it's begging stages first tree/tree house

the future plans for it were to create a series of giant trees/houses around the central lake and rebuild the forest around it with larger than normal, but not quite as giant as the tree house trees. and then connect the trees with an underground rail system that would appear to be traveling through the roots.

Why should we grant this city protection?
well i've already protected the majority of the ground with 800k worth of diamond protection stones, however the build is one of those ground to sky builds so it's kinda hard to protect the air around it and the upper levels.

more importantly in the little over a week I've been building it i've already had at least one person decide to set up shop right next to it in a gap between the protection stones as seen here:

i had wanted to wait and get some more of it done before applying for protection but given that i already have people trying to invade the area i thought sooner rather than later is better.

Trade Central / Buying Dark Oak Logs
« on: January 31, 2014, 07:11:45 am »
looking to buy hundreds of stacks of dark oak logs, however many you have i need.

Paying: $100/per stack of dark oak logs

message me here or in game if you have some you'd like to sell

Suggestions / access to /recipe command
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:08:59 pm »
pretty simple, essentials already comes with a command for viewing item recipes, it's /recipe <item> and it'd b cool if we could have access to it.

would make life easier and instead of having to tell people recipes or send them to google we could just tell them to /recipe <item>.

how bout it?

So, a while back mob culling was introduced as a way to remove/reduce server lag.

It was done because at the time people such as myself were stacking hundreds of villagers on a single block to make ridiculously fast spawning iron golem farms and having 100-1000 entities stacked on a block caused some extreme memory leakage.

However since then the spawning mechanics for golems have changed, so doing this has absolutely no effect on the spawn rates and really isn't a viable thing to do, so it seems the extreme culling has out lived it's usefulness.

On the other hand though there's things like cows and sheep which are viable to breed in a fairly wide area, to acquire large amounts of leather and wool, where they wouldn't be getting stacked on a single block causing lag, but still end up getting culled by the plugin when they walk to close together like their AI all to often likes to make them do.

Now there's certainly still some potential issues from things like egg farms where people may stack far too many chickens or idiots breeding 500 cows in a 4x4 space so removing the culling entirely probably isn't a good idea.

But I think at this point it's worth considering an increase in the amount of mobs allowed in a fairly small space to promote people gathering their own resources without having to worry about their animal setups disintegrating because the AI decided to huddle up.

here's a link to the post by cschurz describing the functionality:,12512.msg115877.html#msg115877

at the time 6 mobs made sense because as nick so eloquently put it:
This plugin was made by opti with 2 things in mind, stop those ridiculous chicken farms, and to stop those ridiculous villager farms. Throttling mob spawners was just a bonus.

However given the outdated villager technique and the fact that egg farms are so compact they'd still get throttled anyway I think it's worth considering an increase from 6 mobs per 4x4 area. Personally I'd like to see it increased to 15-20 mobs which really isn't to much, and just to prevent them getting culled when I hold out wheat and they crunch together before separating, but even an increase to 10-15 mobs would make farming wool/leather a much more enjoyable experience.

Given the new circumstances it would be rather helpful to see this considered, even if only for a trial run. If memory usage spikes as a result by all means turn it back down. But at the moment I'm reluctant to start certain projects with the current difficulty of acquiring materials, so I'd appreciate your consideration on this matter, thanks.

Discussion forum / Awesome 1.6 world seeds
« on: July 02, 2013, 06:59:18 pm »
so i wanted to make a hardcore world with all the 1.6 content and i came across an awesome seed that i figured i'd share with u all.

seed: not a snow biome
map type: large biomes

desc: it puts u in the middle of a giant plains area with plenty of resources and several horses. the surrounding area has at least 3 npc villages that i've found so far as well as a desert temple and abandoned mines. there's a nearby swamp for plenty of slimes as well as a witch hut that can be easily turned into a farm. overall in my short time exploring it's turned out to be an awesome seed and thought u all might like to check it out.

lemme know how it turns out for you

edit: found a 2nd desert temple containing a saddle and a 4th npc village

edit2: found a 3rd desert temple this one had a zombie spawner connected to the loot room, contains 3 cat music discs diamond horse armor and gold horse armor + a second saddle and a name tag

Trade Central / [Selling] Slimeballs by the stack
« on: June 25, 2013, 03:35:34 pm »
Stock up early on all your Slimeball needs, with the release of 1.6 just around the corner Slimeballs are a required material in the creation of leads used for claiming horses, donkeys, and mules!

Item: 1 stack of Slimeballs
Price: 8000
Stock: 20 stacks

Post below with however many stacks you would like and i'll get them to you in game.

Trade Central / [Auction] 1 Stack of Slimeballs
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:11:16 pm »
item: 1  stack of slimeballs
starting price: 3000
bid increment: 500
buyout: 8000
end date: Sunday June 23rd 2013 @8:00 pm EST (GMT-5)

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