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Suggestions / Re: Add stats in forum.
« on: October 05, 2016, 09:45:57 pm »
We do not track any sort of stats on SMP currently, are you sure you're on the right server's forums?
Yah, can u add stats from Practice??

Suggestions / Add stats in forum.
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:19:54 am »
Hi. They can add server statistics rankeds in the forum?

Discussion forum / what is the ts ip?
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:08:22 am »
Hi everyon! wht is the ts ip??

Rejected / App's DonAleckey from Mexico
« on: October 03, 2016, 08:34:34 pm »
Age: 24
Location: Ensenada, Mexico.
Timezone: Tiempo del Pacífico UTC-08:00
How long do you play on the network daily?
8am to 2pm. Online 8 hours per day
Have you got any experience?
Belonged to the staff of Lotus(Moderator) and MyCraft (Admin). Hisocraft(Mod)Very large servers with a large community.
Join Date:
Were you recommended by anyone?: idk Brah
Why you should become a moderator:
The truth is that there are many Spanish-speaking users who do not understand or do not speak English and find it difficult when they need help from the staff. And I would like to help this great and numerous server. Like some Americans do not speak or understand Spanish and ami I would like to help. I am a friendly, trustworthy, responsible, organized, mature and honest with everyone and myself.
I would like to give me the opportunity to help.
I can bring great benefits to the NetWork thanks to my experience, I would not say I'm the best or I'm perfect, not only would give suggestions. Kindness, honesty, responsibility and have the staff.I am a friendly, trustworthy, responsible, organized, mature and honest with everyone and myself.
Look, there are many people who are on the server and are Spanish speaking and most do not understand English, the problem arises when users do not understand English and they need help or have any complaint or when placed in review and do not understand what they say, I mean the English. And I'm to help translating this way and also helping the Americans or the British. As mentioned in the previous question, belonged to 2 servers. Lotus (from U.S.A.) and MyCraft (From Mexico). Thanks to both servers responsibility and I had great experience. I know how to thoroughly review users with Possible GhostClient. I know how to find GhostClient; Vape, Spooky, Incognito, Autoclick or (CG injectable USB). It would be a privilege to belong to the staff of Opticraft and help we need more and order the chat.
Well to add more details about my experience as Moderator / Builder. Good will add more details about my experience as Moderator / Builder. Well I put effort into what I like in this case be starting as Moderator but like all (Helper). I am 18 years old and I am from Mexico as mentions learned English and is living a time Tijuana. I met this server by friends and several videos that ran up HCF and wanted to get to see how good it was and as good is excellent and it took time and I realized something, of those who speak Spanish and did not understand English and the problem is that they have a question, complaint or report and do not know English and even more Spanish speakers that are reviewed not understand English and in most cases are sanctioned and decided to give my support to this case as it English and because I have eperience as Staff in Survival, Practice, HCF and KitPvP modalities on 2 servers fortunately a large community but I requested him to withdraw for study and now that I left school I am totally free to help the server. I can help the server 8 hours a day from 6 am until 2:30 pm 7 days a week. As I mentioned would be a privilege to belong to the staff of Opticraft. I record with 60-90 fps
If you wonder whether I know how to detect hacks, yes. The easiest is through the NCP, either if the user is using the most common in HCF phase and xray. Sometimes those typically used as KillAura, Triggerbot, Speed, Smooth Aimot, Macros / autoclick, Fly (rarely there are users who use it), not fall, etc and since there is a suspect something illegal I shall proceed to review it.
I know how to thoroughly review users with Possible GhostClient. I know how to find GhostClient; Vape, Spooky, Incognito, Autoclick or (CG injectable USB).
am going to add more details. I would like to identify cheaters or hackers whether this using;
X-Ray : Its main function is to be able to find minerals illegally, in records words, lets you see through walls.

SmartMoving; This Mod adds extra movements to your character, from crawl on the floor and pass by a site of 1 hub to jump higher than the characters common, among other things

Radar Bro (and similar, example: Zan's Map, Voxel Map, Xaero's map) This mod allows you to view the location of the entities, to players, even so are in SHIFT.

LabyMod: although not brings features that give advantage in PVP, this mod sends packets of extra data to the server, by which it was decided to do illegal in a preventive manner.

Better PvP: adds some features such as Toggle Sneak, and a minimap in which you can see the players, which resembles the Mod Radar Bro and Zan's Map, among other options

Joypad: This mod allows you to play with a friend on the same computer, making it possible to play split screen, as in some consoles.
Among many more.. And ask if I was to review suspect users. If, as I have mentioned in previous texts i staff and therefore review to multiple users.(I will not say as unless the staff asks me.) Thanks so much XX.D

And more more hacks.

It is all I could say about me, my experience and because I like to help the server. I did my best. It would be a privilege. ty

Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience. This is a very important topic

What is your job as a Trial Moderator
It's mostly help users in their questions or complaints. Moderating the chat. Punish users with hacks distinguished as Speed, KillAura. fly, phase etc. If a user is reported by GCheat, I shall review the suspect's computer via (That I have knowledge). I will always record everything as evidence.
Obviously things that are personal are the dire by msg for security reasons. Over time you will have me confidence maybe that's why they ask me more details. Fortunately my parents always gave a good education and economic status, always studying at private institutions which is why I own rich vocabulary, I consider myself a very educated person and my # 1 priority is my studies (I'm two weeks out of the school and go to college), but also spent considerable time Minecraft is one of my favorite hobbies, you can say I spend 8 hours a day, to play minecraft. Regarding Relationships I am a very sociable person and always try to help the improvement in several respects, I love to help people who have difficulty because they are new to Minecraft or for any other reason. I am also a very responsible person and speech. As mentioned in earlier texts is more than help those who do not understand English and also help you if you speak.

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