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Title: Looking to purchase a Witch Hut / Witch Farm!
Post by: Waddlaswe on July 09, 2016, 11:12:35 pm

I am looking to purchase a witch hut or witch farm! I can pay in many forms. (In game items, In game money, IRL money) I am looking to build a high performance witch farm to fund my up and coming redstone projects. All of my projects are open to public free of charge. (This will include the witch farm.) If you currently own a witch farm (Even if you are not planning on selling it) please contact me, I am sure we can workout a price that benefits us both.  Please either pm me or post below with a the price you are willing to sell your Witch (Hut / Farm) for. If it is not too much trouble I would also really appreciate it if you could provide a map link to the Witch (Hut / Farm). I am really excited to work something out with one of you!

Have a blessed day, Anthony (In game name: Waddlaswe)