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Title: Builder Application
Post by: FerrousWolf on December 31, 2012, 02:22:31 am
Ingame name: FerrousWolf
Joined: Thursday November 1st 16:13:54 2012
Brief description: It is a very wide but not too tall palace with an arena, jail, mess hall and solitary confinement, a throne room, a royal bedchamber, a church, combatant waiting room, a secret portal room, and a blacksmith with a few other rooms.
World: Recruit60
Pic: I'm sorry my PC doesn't like the picture sites
Helpers: No one really helped with the entire thing, i only had help at the very beginning and it was not too much help
Rank: I am currently a recruit
I'd like to mention that all I really want to do is help other people and learn more about building
yes, I agree to the terms
Title: Re: Builder Application
Post by: Rezathin (Logan5353) on December 31, 2012, 05:51:07 am
Before we can accept this, we need to see pictures of these creations.

Please refer to this topic http://www.opticraft.net/index.php/topic,163.0.html (http://www.opticraft.net/index.php/topic,163.0.html) to learn more about taking the pictures and getting them available for us.
Title: I"ll try to get it.
Post by: FerrousWolf on January 15, 2013, 12:31:56 am
As I said, my pc doesn't like those sites for some reason.
Title: Re: Builder Application
Post by: Xeadin on January 15, 2013, 02:29:56 am
I've taken the liberty to check out the build in the recruit world.

It's a good start, but it needs a bit more structural quality. So far, the build is an assortment of rectangles joined together, which is fine, but now it's time for you to step into the world of curves and shapes. Take a look at the other builds in the same world to get some ideas of what we are looking for-- Recruit 60 has some perfect examples of shaped/ curved structures.

For now, Rejected, but you're off on a good start. Take it one step further and take as much time as you need-- DON'T RUSH!