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Legacy Information

Opticraft Legacy Server Information

Opticraft's Legacy server (original SMP) is no longer being maintained and may have broken or missing features.
You can still connect to the server using Minecraft version 1.12 and the IP:

Read the information on this page to make the most of our Legacy server, it includes help, commands, links and much more useful stuff. Good luck!


General Information

Opticraft is a non-PVP survival server. It is fitted with ranks, economy, and an anti-grief system to enhance your playing experience. Take the time and type /rules on the server for a list of our rules. All we ask is that you respect other players and follow the rules while on our server.

Our server has a multiple world system. The world you spawn in is the Guest world and is accessible by anyone. The other worlds include older Guest worlds, a Member+ world and a PVP arena world for private battles. To become a Member simply sign up on this website, you will automatically gain access to it! It is highly recommended you build on Member worlds as they are less likely to be griefed.

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Our Legacy server has 9 ranks in total, some of which are easy to obtain and some not obtainable by the average player. There are 5 main player ranks:
    Starting standard rank, no special abilities.

    Once registered on, you get promoted to the Member rank and get a starter kit that includes a free coal protection stone. Most importantly, you get access to the Member+ world via /warp MemberWorld.

    Players that are trusted by the Senior Staff of the server (Operators and Admins). They have the ability to place water and can apply for the Moderator rank. There is no set requirement for this rank, just be sociable, get well known, and most importantly, do NOT ask to be promoted.

    The top 3 players who have voted for us in the past month, a new top 3 is achieved every month. Votes keep the server alive and bring new players.

    Moderate the server and it's players. They can undo grief, punish rule breakers and make sure all of our players are following the rules.

    Helps develop the custom Opticraft code.

    Part of our Senior Staff team, they are experienced Moderators who give advice and help out the Moderators. They have access to more commands and can fix most problems.

    Oversees the entire server to make sure it is running correctly as well as dealing with the community. They are highly involved in executive decisions that involve the server and it's players.

    The owner of Opticraft. He pays for the server along with coding many of the custom plugins that make playing on Opticraft an enjoyable experience. When things go wrong he takes a look at it and fixes them.
You start as a Guest. In order to move up the ranks, you must contribute positively to the server. This means following the rules, showing maturity and helping out. Do not ask to be promoted!

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The server has an economy system. As a player, you have a credit balance which can be used to purchase items from the market or players. To see how much money you or another player have, type /balance <name>. To view the richest players on the server, type /balancetop. You can exchange goods and credits with other players with /pay <name> or with the server's market. To access the market area use the warp /warp market.

Inside the market there are items on display with signs below or above them. Right click the sign on the [buy] to buy the number of that item that is displayed on the sign. Right click the sign on the [sell] to sell the number of that item displayed on the sign.

Market signs example
Please note that not all items are available to be bought or sold at the market.

If you are looking to trade items or services with another player, use the trade chat channel to buy and sell them. See the Chat Channel section for information on changing channels.

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Protections (Land)

This server uses a plugin that allows players to buy stones that protect a given area allowing only the player, and whoever they choose, to modify blocks inside that area.

New players who register on these forums to gain the Member rank automatically get a free coal protection stone!

Coal Ore
This is the smallest protection stone we offer, it is very cheap and is useful for protecting small areas or buildings you intend to rent to other players.

Protection size: 11x11x11
Price: $750

Market signs example

Lapis Ore
This is the second largest protection stone we offer, for the size it protects the price is very reasonable. Use this to protect medium sized builds, 8 times the size of the coal protection stone.

Protection size: 21x21x21
Price: $6,000

Market signs example Diamond Ore
This is the largest protection stone we offer, it protects a very large area, 8 times the size of the lapis protection stone. Use this to protect large builds and whole towns.

Protection size: 41x41x41
Price: $45,000

Market signs example

You may also want to allow other players to build within the protection zones so they can help you build. To do this, you can use the following commands.

/ps allow <name> - Adds specified player to protection zone
/ps remove <name> - Removes specified player from protection zone
/ps removeall <name> - Remove specified player from all of your protection zones
/ps allowed - Lists all users allowed to build inside your protection zone
/ps view - Lists all players inside your protection zones
/ps locations - Lists the locations of all of your current protection zones

Once placed, protection stones can be broken and picked up so you can move them from place to place. They will not break forever!

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Protections (Blocks)

Opticraft uses LWC to protect chests, doors and other personal items ingame. This plugin enables users to protect their items so that no one is able to steal from them or use them without permission.

By default any door, chest, furnace and trapdoor you place will automatically be protected so that only you can access it. However, sometimes you will want to allow other players to access your protections, or you may want to remove the protection altogether. Use the following commands to do just that!

/cmodify <name> - Allow someone else to access the protection.
/cmodify <name> - Remove someone's ability to access the protection.
/cremove - Remove the protection alltogether.
/cpassword <password> - Set a password on the protection.

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Chat Channels

The server's chat system makes use of HeroChat plugin in order to provide focused channels for chatting. There are three channels in the server, Local (default), Global and Trade. In order to change channels, you can use the command /ch <name>, where name is the first letter OR name of the channel, for example: /ch g.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the chat, you can use /deafen to mute everyone besides staff members.

There are a number of other channel commands. To see an up to date list, simply type /ch help ingame.

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By voting for the server you can help us grow, which is really important! In order to show our appreciation for your votes, we reward you with a diamond for every vote on each site we are listed on. We also give you access to a second home for free, as long as you have voted in the last 12 hours!

You can vote on xtremetop100 every 12 hours, and the sites every 24 hours. This means you can earn 5 diamonds a day, just by voting!

In conjunction to that, we also reward the top 3 voters each month with a special Voter rank and title, as well as $30, $20 and $10 in donation rewards.

You can vote for us at:

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Donations help the server remain running and show us your appreciation for the service we are providing. When you donate, you can choose from a number of cosmetic rewards such as mob disguises or titles!

All rewards are given to you the instant the payment is made - no waiting for manual processing!

You can donate to the Legacy here:,LegacyDonate.html

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/balance - Shows you how ingame money you currently have.
/balancetop - Shows the top 8 richest players, has multiple pages.
/compass - Shows which direction you are facing.
/cprivate - Allows you to lock doors and chests, all doors and chests are locked by default.
/cremove - Removes the protection on a door or chest that you own.
/cpublic - Make the protection on a door/chest you own public.
/cpassword - Allows you to lock a door/chest with a password.
/delhome <homename> - Delete a named home.
/depth - Shows your elevation compared to sea level.
/getpos - Gives you the map coordinates of your current position.
/help - Gives you a list of the commands you can use.
/helpop - Sends your message to all available Operators and Moderators.
/home <homename / playername> - Teleports you to your home, or to another players home. To teleport to another players named home use /home <playername> <homename>
/homes <name> - Lists all of your homes, or another players.
/ignore <name> - Allows you to ignore a certain player.
/list - Lists all online players, sorted by rank.
/mail - Allows you to send/read mail.
/motd - Displays the message of the day.
/msg - Send a private message to another user.
/near - Lists all players near you.
/pay - Allows you to pay another player money.
/r - replies to the last pm you received
/rules - Displays the server rules.
/seen <name>- Shows when a player was last online.
/sethome - Sets your current location as your home, use /home to go back there.
/warp - Displays the warps you can use. Use /warp <warpname> to go to the warp.
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.

There are a lot more commands that are avalible to you, however we feel these are the ones you will be using the most often when ingame. Feel free to see any others we haven't added to the list using /help ingame!

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If you need any more help, feel free to submit a help request ingame using /helpop, along with your message, or you can make a topic on our forum

We hope you enjoy your stay on Opticraft!

Last updated: 05-11-2014