April 23, 2024, 03:20:49 pm

Legacy Donate

Donations - Legacy

Welcome to the donation page for our Legacy server. Below you will find all the packages currently available.
You will recieve your reward ingame as soon as you donate - no time wasted waiting on admins to process it!
Donations help pay for the server and show us your appreciation. Please consider donating if you can afford it.
Before you donate, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.


Before you can donate, you need to fill out your ingame username below so the system can automatically proccess the payment.

Mob disguises

Mob disguises allow you to appear as a mob ingame.
There are 24 disguises to choose from, split into 6 packages
Below are the packages can purchase. All packages cost $10.
After purchasing your package, you can transform into a mob using /d mobName, such as /d creeper. Use /u to restore normal form.
To use the baby disguises, use /d baby mobName
Note: You cannot see yourself disguised, but to all others you will appear as the mob.

Credits (Ingame money)

Please select the amount of money you would like to purchase ingame from the dropdown box below.

Additional homes 5 for $10

Additional homes can be purchased below. You may purchase this multiple times in order to set even more homes
By default players start with 1 home. Voting will grant temporary access to another.
By purchasing this package you will recieve 5 additional homes, as well as the ability to use them at any time.

Titles - $20

The title addon will give you the ability to set your own unique title ingame, which will be prefixed to your name as seen in the screenshot.
You will be able to change your title as many times as you want, whenever you want. Titles have some restrictions, namely:
  • 8 character length limit
  • No reserved words (Admin, operator, etc)
These lists of restrictions are subject to change at any time.
Once you have purchased your title, you may change it ingame with the /changetitle command.
Colour codes can be found here.

Teleport - $15

The teleport package grants you the ability to request teleport to players, and teleport them to you
You will gain access to: /tpa and /tpahere, which request teleportation. The target can deny your request
Teleportation is extremely useful if you play with your friends, as you will be able to go straight to them without any wasted time!

Experience - $5

We currently offer a single experience package priced at $5 for 50 ingame levels. Experience is useful for gaining enchantments ingame, and purchasing it is a very easy way to obtain it.
Simply fill out your username above, and then press the donate button to purchase your experience.

Hats - $5

This allows you to access the /hat command. This allows you to place almost any block on your head, as if it were a hat!
Access to that /hat command comes at the price of $5. Click below to make your purchase.
Example hat can be seen here

No rewards - Simple donation - You choose!

If you'd simply like to show your support, you can send us any size donation, just hit the donate button below and you will be prompted for the amount you wish to donate.
Thanks for the support!


There are no refunds on donations - they are donations, not purchases.
We make no guarantees about the speed or quality of service.
We reserve the rights to revoke any privileges you purchase in the future if we see fit.
If you have any issues or questions, please email me at spuzzy2@hotmail.com - or send optical mail on the forums. These are donations for Legacy only!