February 20, 2020, 11:40:26 pm

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Ban lookup

lookup's Ban History
ReasonBanned BySet dateExpire dateActive
pighead117Fireball48012016-07-20 18:03:20Never Yes
Dai_sanFireball48012016-06-10 19:02:32Never No
omega_assailantCONSOLE2016-02-13 00:29:53Never No
arockgisagiRoza2015-04-16 17:41:31Never No
nicsix325GrannyRozannie2014-12-27 23:18:55Never No
No reason provided.TrapA7X2014-12-19 19:30:26Never No
oliverphoran1930GrannyRozannie2014-10-31 15:58:25Never No
muffins888GrannyRozannie2014-10-28 17:23:35Never No
nitromaniaNothing_________2014-08-16 03:17:46Never No
No reason provided.clawstrider2014-07-22 18:06:162014-07-23 18:06:16 No
No reason provided.clawstrider2014-07-22 18:05:46Never No
juju_whiteNothing_________2014-04-26 05:30:04Never No
solis13Tobs742014-02-08 11:38:46Never No
cbteslaB1ueJ0ker2014-01-23 02:19:48Never No
bachelw0n32013-12-13 09:25:32Never No
No reason provided.xNuzzy2013-12-06 13:55:14Never No
No reason provided.xNuzzy2013-12-05 19:53:31Never No
liko428pew19982013-11-30 11:49:43Never No
No reason provided.tankermide2013-09-02 00:05:592013-09-02 00:06:05 No
moon_ocarinatankermide2013-08-31 16:35:03Never No
zeldalove1998xZeradeth_2013-08-09 22:46:18Never No
ultraman11Holy_Moses2013-08-01 20:17:31Never No
clawstriderclawstrider2013-06-28 12:50:52Never No
No reason provided.Nikoljan2013-06-27 19:19:29Never No
No reason provided.TheRealFamous2013-06-20 16:35:12Never No
lookupRelkeb2013-06-06 21:59:00Never No
No reason provided.joshskiizz2013-05-23 22:58:25Never No
roptrixi11joshskiizz2013-05-18 18:20:29Never No
meatman5982crzy4uall2013-05-02 21:30:50Never No
garcianziGenerator2013-04-06 18:47:20Never No
promestpast2crzy4uall2013-02-24 21:30:58Never No
No reason provided.hammysandwhich2013-02-21 20:22:33Never No
nukem2012Zeradeth_2013-02-18 00:23:49Never No
rosnicolinZeradeth_2013-02-07 18:20:01Never No
thedictatormeRedchecks2013-02-06 20:03:43Never No
ibeekillinZeradeth_2013-02-03 02:49:08Never No
min3di4mondzcrippnfoot2013-01-31 23:26:41Never No
googleguy4Redchecks2013-01-14 06:44:56Never No
powerashSalsaInABowl2013-01-05 22:09:01Never No
bold_eagle262GirlLuvzerMac2012-12-11 11:01:18Never No
cooljosh9810Felix_De_Kat2012-11-29 06:02:29Never No
No reason provided.techdude982012-11-23 11:10:33Never No
clownfnumorgosin2012-11-20 23:44:23Never No
momothTheWholeLoaf2012-10-27 18:42:05Never No
wrath_playerSaeberus2012-10-15 20:01:07Never No
kethaminleganie2012-07-07 18:58:25Never No

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