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Author Topic: Opticraft Network Rules and Guidelines  (Read 1405 times)

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Opticraft Network Rules and Guidelines
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:30:48 pm »

No griefing
Do not modify another players blocks without their permission.

No obscenity
Do not create any vulgar or offensive structures or signs.

No spamming
Do not send unsolicited or repetitive messages in an attempt to force a message.
Do not use excessive profanity, moderate use is ok.

No advertising
Do not advertise or promote other game servers or services.
Do not sell or promote any products or services.

No ban evading
Do not login with another account if one of you accounts is currently banned.

Be respectful to other players
Do not provoke other members with the deliberate intent to evoke an emotional response.
Do not abuse or insult other members under any circumstance.

Use your common sense
If part of you thinks what you are doing is wrong, then don’t do it.

No mods except for Optifine and Shaders
If the mod does more than change the look of the game, it is prohibited.


Locking container blocks
Container blocks such as chests and furnaces are locked upon placement.
Do not unlock container blocks or give untrustworthy players access to them unless you are willing to lose the items they contain.
Players are allowed to take and keep items from unlocked container blocks.

Dropping items and experience
Items and experience are dropped and scattered on the ground upon death.
Do not drop items on the ground or trade with an untrustworthy player unless you are willing to lose the items.
Players are allowed to find and keep items and experience on the ground.

Claiming and protecting areas
Server generated structures, blocks, and entities are owned by the server.
You can not own any of these simply by stating that they’re yours.
You must use protection fields or fully enclose them in blocks if you wish to protect the area for yourself.
If a player griefs your blocks to gain access to the area and causes additional damage, then the area in question will be restored.
Players are not allowed to use protection fields on structures built by other players.

Redstone machines and generators
Redstone machines must have an off state and should only be used when you are online.
You may AFK by a redstone machine, but you must not bypass the AFK auto kick in any way.